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January 17, 2004


We are the first successful Empire in a century. We are the world's first
and last Superpower. We are not Amerika or Amerikkka. We are America. We
are proud of what we do. You are weak and we are strong. We are the
proudest people on earth. We own you. We control your economy through our
own and through force. You are using our Internet. Your country exists
because we allow it to exist. We invented radio and television. We
invented the airplane and the automobile. We are the new people. We are
the freest people on earth. We are determined to protect ourselves against
you. We control you. It doesn't matter what you think of us. It doesn't
matter what our people think of us. The Three Branches of Government are
owned by us. The Three Branches of Government will do what we tell them
to. We are the Three Branches of Government.  You can complain all you
want. You can think your country is yours. You can think whatever you
want. You will bark if we say bark. If you do not bark you are evil. If
you are evil we will destroy you. We will destroy you and your culture.
Our culture is Christian and good. We do not care if you are Godless. We
do not care what you believe. We will give you democracy. We own your
banks. You will free trade with us. We will starve you if you do not obey.
Your sports are stupid sports. Your songs are stupid songs. Your movies
are boring. Your television is backwards.  You are infidels. We have the
best sports. We really have the best sports. We will take what we want.
You are nothing. You have earthquakes and fires and volcanos. You have
flooding rivers and millions killed. You are living in the bad areas of
the world. Our country is God-Given. Our country will take what we want.
Our soldiers are the most powerful who ever lived.  Our planes will bomb
you any time we want them to. Our military is perfect. There is no
destroying our country. The United States are stronger than any bomb. We
are stronger than any disease. You are punished with disease. We will let
you die if we want. We will take anything we want. We will sell you our
drugs. We are a great mixed salad of wealthy people. Our women are the
most beautiful in the world. Our men are the best athletes in the world.
We are the wealthiest people on earth. We live longer than anyone else on
earth. We deserve our lives. We deserve our wealth. We work harder than
anyone else for our wealth. Other people are lazy but we are not. Other
cultures are old but we are new. Other cultures are slow but we are fast.
We will never be slow and we will always be new. We own the moon and Mars.
We will own anything we want to own. Your words mean nothing. Your books
mean nothing. Your ideologies mean nothing. We will do what we have to do.
We have heard your stories over and over again and they are boring. The
Three Branches of Government will not listen to your complaints. The Three
Branches of Government will take what they want, build what they want,
destroy what they want, kill what they want to kill. Your thinking is
irrelevant. Your words are irrelevant. The Three Branches of Government
are tired of listening to you. You talk and talk because we own everything
you have. Your wars and revolutions are stupid. We will entertain you with
our world of entertainment. You will buy our entertainment. You will let
us manipulate you. You will beg for more. This is coming to you from our
Internet. Capitalism is successful and good. You are irrelevant. We own
you. We own everything you have. We own everything you think.

Visions and Structure of Empire

America. of proud we of what we do. what You do.
Amerika Amerikkka. or America. are proud are our
Amerika not or Amerika manipulate more. beg This
Amerikkka.  You America.  Amerikkka. proud
Branches Three Government of owned them by The
Christian care democracy. Godless.  care
Christian culture good.  democracy. you banks.
Christian is good. and think.
God-Given. most any powerful most who soldiers
Government.  of can You complain can all trade
Government. complain can all complain want.  If
Internet. country Your exists country because We
Internet. think. you __ __ you time any want we
Mars. and own. to words and listen not
Our beautiful most men Our athletes best The
Our most the powerful most who powerful songs.
Superpower. last not are Amerika not Your mean
There perfect. no is destroying We country. our
United The States United stronger are than We
United stronger States than culture. culture Our
We the are first the successful We last and
allow to it exist. to invented they again listen
and flooding of rivers have stories your over
any disease. any punished are let stupid are
are Internet. our Your force. you. own control
are fast. are never will be never no There
are have We best want. backwards. have infidels.
areas God-Given.  world. automobile. people.
areas bad world. the God-Given. is are but lazy
athletes live wealthiest longer live wealthiest
backwards.  television infidels.  television. it
banks. free obey. great a mixed great salad
bark say if bark. say If bark. evil.  will die
bark say we bark. say If think. to. you
beautiful athletes else believe.  Godless. give
because Internet.  using Your Internet.
believe. democracy.  bomb planes any bomb time
believe. you give will coming Capitalism from
best have really fires bark. evil. are evil are
boring. are television Your successful the in
century. a world's the and flooding millions and
century. first We are first the are We first are
complaints. build want, kill build kill.  want,
complaints. your want, they build anyone longer
country because exists allow country. States
country yours. is whatever control economy your
cultures old fast. new.  care not Godless. are
deserve We lives. our wealth. our entertainment.
destroy will culture. beautiful women men
destroying no country.  bomb. United of proud
destroying want time but cultures not. fast.
do to.  tell Government.  yours. can with trade
drugs.  sell great men mixed great are bad the
else anyone deserve Other lives.  anything
entertainment. of buy will us our manipulate
ever planes Our bomb will any everything stupid.
evil evil. destroy good. culture. destroy Our
for else Other wealth. lazy world's or and
free with trade starve with sports starve us beg
freest automobile.  airplane new all is want.
have.  everything wars have. exist. radio
invented television.  radio fires earthquakes
irrelevant.  thinking tired killed.  millions
kill want, kill. to thinking Your weak earth.
kill. complaints.  listen think bark will if
killed. millions living for harder Other for
lazy slow but lazy not.  force. through using
lives. work wealth. harder work determined are
living soldiers bad living last not Superpower.
matter think you us. think military want
military Our perfect. is your Our We culture Our
mixed wealthy of women have fires and volcanos.
more. coming This from matter Branches you
new freest people. automobile. the new the
new. never mean be never always be moon or
not. are cultures fast. old are areas bad world.
obey. free will trade free deserve wealth.
ourselves It you. doesn't It matter airplane
over stories again over irrelevant. Government
own have. you wars Your television best
own.  Mars. words own. mean always will moon the
owned Government them owned by them will by do
owned will Government do will tell we them tell
people earth. on own We you. own control We your
people. new freest the backwards.  is infidels.
perfect.  military There perfect. new. are slow
powerful ever who lived.  ever planes lived.
protect against ourselves It against doesn't It
protect determined ourselves disease. let
protect to ourselves protect determined doesn't
proudest our people proudest on stronger bomb.
proudest people our on people earth.  on own
punished die let anything die sell doesn't you
radio invented television. and airplane the
really We take will nothing. are earthquakes
revolutions and stupid. are entertain will world
revolutions wars stupid.  revolutions entertain
salad mixed wealthy salad women wealthy soldiers
songs movies songs. boring.  movies strong. are
sports.  stupid songs sports. stupid movies Your
sports. stupid songs Your songs. stupid boring.
starve will obey. not sports Your words books
stories again over they ideologies stories heard
strong.  weak proudest strong. our wealthiest
successful a in century. a take really nothing.
take earthquakes nothing. talk You everything
than disease.  drugs. punished stronger bomb.
the live We longer live anyone than whatever if
they ideologies books heard work We harder work
think.  __ __ think. complain want. you is
through economy force.  through else anyone
through economy our through country Your exists
tired are listening of irrelevant. listening
tired talk listening kill thinking talk
to it exist. to invented We always Mars.  moon
us buy manipulate Capitalism beg ever who lived.
us. Three The Branches Three Government to.
volcanos.  killed. flooding first in Empire a in
volcanos. rivers flooding millions rivers want,
what of we what do. we You do. weak are old slow
what think you us. of The us. Three economy your
will more. for This more. coming is from us
words books Your ideologies Your heard against
world entertain entertainment.  world buy using
world's last and Superpower.  you Capitalism
you anything take sell will drugs. the will tell
you. your control give banks.  sports obey.
yours.  is whatever evil bark allow we it allow

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Collaboration between Reiner Strasser and Alan Sondheim



688 Qianzi Wen

heaven earth black yellow heaven is black earth is yellow the cosmos the
cosmos are vast a desolate wasteland the sun fills the moon fills the sun
sets in the west it's dusk from to in the morning the constellations line
up it's a measure word they spread out cold comes the heat goes in autumn
the harvesting in winter the hiding concealing intercalary timing the
leftover residue becomes one tenth measurement of years so the lu bamboo
pitches shift position open clouds ascend galloping sending rain dew forms
becoming frost gold gives birth beautiful water jade emanates out from un
mountain summit the doubleedged dagger furiously named the huge gatetower
the pearl called the light of darkness the treasure of fruit plum apple
many vegetables mustard ginger the sea salted the rivers fresh fishscales
hidden in depths feathers circling above the fire dragon the emperor
teaching the phoenix the royal official men beginning making writing
characters then uniforms wearing robes clothing skirts clothing expel the
throne yield the country yao tang has predicted console the people strike
down the guilty hold the boundary talk and test with scalding trying a
case at court query the way bequeath and bow doubting the sections love
raise up the hosts the leaders minister prostrate the army barbarians near
and far one reality ration of the guest returning to the emperor the
phoenix cries in the bamboo the white colt grazes there change covers
grass and weeds vegetation trust attain a myriad directions square
covering the person issues giving birth to four great five is normal
respect connector alone the rearing of children ! flattering destroys and
injures women adore chastity unyielding men imitate pleasing genius know
what passes the certainty of change attainment of ability never neglect
deception the talk of the other is brief in disintegration reliance on the
self selfreliance is long faith the cause of should be covered protect
your faith the tool utensil of desire is trouble quantity measureword the
ink of sorrow sadness on silk is printed sadness stains the silk poetry
the praise of small lamb sheep sheep view scenery lines tied or linedup
wisdom restraint conquering of study makes creates the sage benevolence is
built the name stands the origin of shape proper upright model sky and
valley proclaim one's fame the empty chamber hall public room learn review
lessons carefully disaster catastrophe depends on is caused by the
accumulation of evil blessings fortune are caused by virtuous happiness
 meter scale ruler bijade circular disk with hole negative un treasure
 meter measurement small yin shadow moon sexual organs feminine secret is
just so to be emulated compete with the capital of the father parallels
the business affairs of the supreme ruler speak strictly accurately give
respect filial piety serves as accepts the end of power the power of
others devotion follows rules the end of life face meet confront the deep
tread put on shoes lightly dawn early in the morning prosper warm and pure
like an orchids this fragrance like a pines this prospers the river flows
not un stopping ceaselessly the depths abyss clear transparent take up
create a reflection contain form and stop if one is thinking say diction
classical rhetoric with quiet peaceful determination deliberate beginnings
sincerity fidelity beautiful beauty prudent all good ancient laws
honorable trade the place of foundation the rolls greatly nothing in the
end learn outstanding ascend to official service in addition to work obey
government survive by means of the wild pear go and increase the chant
music particularly is precious and humble rites as well are valuable and
low above harmony below harmonious the husband chants calls upon the wife
follows the external foreign accept pass on instructions enter the
internal music play music the mother of appearance ceremony all father's
sister father's older brother father's younger brother like the same as a
child compared to a son child think very much of each other elder brother
younger brother agreeing as mind ch'i spirit linking joining branches make
friends join and divide cut and polish precepts and rules kind humanity
conceal compassion create order not separation integrity justice gives
back honesty the wicked suffer setbacks loss of money a still nature
evades passion the heart moves the weary mind guard the truth with full
intention follow the idea and change your heart mind hold strictly steer
properly please the rank of office bind yourself city and village flourish
in the summer east and west two capitals one's back to the ong mountain
face the uo river floating ei river according to seize the ing heu river
the official government hall a tray with plum blossoms strong fragrance
from the tower watch look out as if flying be amazed drawing painting draw
paint birds and animals pictures colorful immortals hermits and spirits
the third stem give alms cottage abandon drawn near beside awaken
disclosure the first stem a curtain notebook album against answer reply
the pillar four wantonly bamboo mats establish a place drum play the lute
string se blow the sheng mouth reed instrument climb the stairs accept the
high steps of the throne the cap changes distrust the stars the right
direction passes through a broad interior the left attains holds
brightness already gathering the tomb ceremony again assembles a group of
flowers a withered peartree is faithful bells chimes to liscript servant
lacquered write on wall lining the classics jing the government bureaus
skeins command together mutually the path of the ancient swordsman the
scholar tree minister of state doors sealed eight of the counties homes
allowed for salary of one thousand soldiers troops the tall crown follows
the palanquin drive the wheel hubs shake the tassels the world grants
allowance luxury and wealth harness the vehicle palanquin prosper quickly
policy merits profusion of the truths reality engrave the monument
inscribe the inscription artist's signature tributary of ei small stream
that one an offiial rank head of ei the assistant subordinate sometimes
flatters sometimes judges under cover of home injustice abundant early
minute dawn who is conducting business gravemarking post prince uke uan
regulated the fit harmony help the weak assist help up the falling leaning
figured beautiful cloth wraps around the an hinese blessing four
kindnesses speech and emotion of the warrior man population the superior
man does things thoroughly and with urgency regulates important matters of
tate many scholars just so really peaceful tranquil in and hu change
supremacy hao and ei surrounded placed east to west the false road way
destroyed uo trample the earth join the alliance nterrogative particle how
do you abide by promises according to legal principles the an abuse
troubled they were punished rise up exterminate quite the magistrates
shepherds employ the army with the utmost skill proclaim announce your
might power across the desert galloping reputation gallops across reds and
blues painting nine provinces emperor u marked one hundred prefectures in
merged ie they were enlarged mountain ancestral is exalted ai meditation
ch'an en lord master chief speaks from the in the arbor ild oose ate and
the reat all purple pass the chicken field and the bare scarlet city walls
city lder rother ond and peak stone great open country and ong ing ake
wilderness vast spacious distant continuous and remote cliff and cave
mountain dim and obscure and deep obscure netherworld government rooted in
regard to agriculture devote one's efforts to now sow and reap gather
harvest begin the year to carry in the south mu about acres my artful
planting of glutinous millet and millet taxes in the ripe grain tribute in
the new grain to develop reward dismiss expel and ascend encius engke
honest simple plain historian u grasps straightforward closest to octrine
of the ean iddle ay toil modestly cautiously

the ch'in stringed instrument

good and wonderful

question or problem


grammatical predicates help assist er helper where particle exclamatory or
interrogative particle interrogative particle as well

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