The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive


We are the first successful Empire in a century. We are the world's first
and last Superpower. We are not Amerika or Amerikkka. We are America. We
are proud of what we do. You are weak and we are strong. We are the
proudest people on earth. We own you. We control your economy through our
own and through force. You are using our Internet. Your country exists
because we allow it to exist. We invented radio and television. We
invented the airplane and the automobile. We are the new people. We are
the freest people on earth. We are determined to protect ourselves against
you. We control you. It doesn't matter what you think of us. It doesn't
matter what our people think of us. The Three Branches of Government are
owned by us. The Three Branches of Government will do what we tell them
to. We are the Three Branches of Government.  You can complain all you
want. You can think your country is yours. You can think whatever you
want. You will bark if we say bark. If you do not bark you are evil. If
you are evil we will destroy you. We will destroy you and your culture.
Our culture is Christian and good. We do not care if you are Godless. We
do not care what you believe. We will give you democracy. We own your
banks. You will free trade with us. We will starve you if you do not obey.
Your sports are stupid sports. Your songs are stupid songs. Your movies
are boring. Your television is backwards.  You are infidels. We have the
best sports. We really have the best sports. We will take what we want.
You are nothing. You have earthquakes and fires and volcanos. You have
flooding rivers and millions killed. You are living in the bad areas of
the world. Our country is God-Given. Our country will take what we want.
Our soldiers are the most powerful who ever lived.  Our planes will bomb
you any time we want them to. Our military is perfect. There is no
destroying our country. The United States are stronger than any bomb. We
are stronger than any disease. You are punished with disease. We will let
you die if we want. We will take anything we want. We will sell you our
drugs. We are a great mixed salad of wealthy people. Our women are the
most beautiful in the world. Our men are the best athletes in the world.
We are the wealthiest people on earth. We live longer than anyone else on
earth. We deserve our lives. We deserve our wealth. We work harder than
anyone else for our wealth. Other people are lazy but we are not. Other
cultures are old but we are new. Other cultures are slow but we are fast.
We will never be slow and we will always be new. We own the moon and Mars.
We will own anything we want to own. Your words mean nothing. Your books
mean nothing. Your ideologies mean nothing. We will do what we have to do.
We have heard your stories over and over again and they are boring. The
Three Branches of Government will not listen to your complaints. The Three
Branches of Government will take what they want, build what they want,
destroy what they want, kill what they want to kill. Your thinking is
irrelevant. Your words are irrelevant. The Three Branches of Government
are tired of listening to you. You talk and talk because we own everything
you have. Your wars and revolutions are stupid. We will entertain you with
our world of entertainment. You will buy our entertainment. You will let
us manipulate you. You will beg for more. This is coming to you from our
Internet. Capitalism is successful and good. You are irrelevant. We own
you. We own everything you have. We own everything you think.

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