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January 24, 2004

Ian Koan Summary Form From Murray

whack killed the emperor. Forever!
The world is picaresque; these novels elixir!
It kills.

Swollen emptiness. The world will turn.

full text edit of the internet text

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potsdam; ed potsdam; ed potsdam; potsdam; leipzig mv leipzig potsdam; ed warsaw s?.de leipzig ed mv ed potsdam; ed potsdam; ed potsdam; ed warsaw; potsdam; ed mv; ed
potsdam; ed potsdam; ed leipzig potsdam ed warsaw potsdam ed potsdam; ed warsaw leipzig warsaw s?.de leipzig cat s?.de > warsaw ed leipzig warsaw s?.de leipzig
warsaw warsaw /image leipzig warsaw /w leipzig warsaw |
more leipzig ?? leipzig ?? > /regex/ warsaw a? /regex/ warsaw
b? /regex/ warsaw /regex leipzig pico ed potsdam
berlin sah; ed sah leipzig > warsaw ftp leipzig ftp
telnet leipzig less warsaw rm warsaw leipzig exit ls cd regex f
p pwd leipzig warsaw warsaw ed potsdam warsaw potsdam warsaw warsaw mv am sam; ed sam potsdam berlin san; ed san warsaw san warsaw
san warsaw s* leipzig potsdam berlin sap ed sap warsaw sap potsdam warsaw
sba warsaw sba ed sba warsaw sba potsdam warsaw sbb; ed sbb cat s?? > ed warsaw warsaw s?? leipzig less
ftp warsaw exit more warsaw /image warsaw cc /regex/
warsaw dd /regex/ warsaw ee /regex/ warsaw ef /regex/ warsaw ff /regex/
warsaw gg /regex/ warsaw hh /regex/ warsaw ii /regex/ cp jj /regex/ head leipzig warsaw /regex/ head leipzig potsdam warsaw scc
ed scc mv warsaw sdd ed sdd warsaw ??? potsdam warsaw see warsaw see
warsaw ?? leipzig cat s?? >> tail see tail leipzig
warsaw warsaw ??? leipzig ed warsaw cat ff >>
cat warsaw >> tail warsaw tail warsaw ff leipzig cat
warsaw hh ii warsaw > jew warsaw jew warsaw ?? leipzig pico ed warsaw warsaw warsaw leipzig ed warsaw cp ed jew warsaw jew cat jew >> warsaw cat jew >> warsaw warsaw jew
leipzig head warsaw /image warsaw j? /regex/ cd /regex leipzig
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leipzig warsaw /image leipzig k? warsaw k? cp k? /regex warsaw /regex
leipzig cat k? > warsaw ed wc ftp leipzig warsaw k* leipzig warsaw * warsaw /image leipzig l?
warsaw l? /regex/ cd /regex leipzig warsaw l? leipzig warsaw l? >
cat l? > warsaw ed warsaw l? leipzig ed warsaw exit p s leipzig warsaw regex ed warsaw ftp leipzig warsaw /image warsaw m? /regex/ cd /regex/
leipzig warsaw m? cat m? > warsaw warsaw m? leipzig
warsaw * ed warsaw ed warsaw
warsaw * warsaw /image copy n? /regex/ warsaw n? /regex/ warsaw /regex
leipzig warsaw dresden warsaw nj; ftp leipzig cp n? >
cat n? > warsaw warsaw n? leipzig ftp ls ed warsaw ed warsaw warsaw /image
copy blood /regex warsaw blood /regex warsaw weather /regex warsaw fantasm
/regex cp uncanny /regex leipzig | more warsaw past /regex warsaw /regex
leipzig warsaw blood fantasm weather uncanny past > warsaw
fantasm warsaw past cat blood fantasm weather uncanny past > echo
"blood fantasm weather uncanny past" > cat blood fantasm weather
uncanny past > ed warsaw cat >> warsaw rm leipzig warsaw * less
leipzig warsaw warsaw leipzig leipzig rm fantasm
blood past uncanny weather leipzig warsaw * s leipzig ftp
leipzig leipzig p leipzig exit


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