The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

I want my freedom.

I would rather rule them.

After all, if you really don't think you can make some Alan, most people
are just trying to improve their lives and take, if you ever think of
Alan, this person almost missed out on getting Alan, we got sick and tired
of seeing GOOD PEOPLE fail and lose, Alan. Either way we need to know if
you're in or you're out because these people think FREEDOM the greatest
thing in the world, Alan. I have to agree with you at this point, Alan.,
Alan., Alan. That's O, Alan. K, Alan. I truly wish you the best and hope
you find what it is you're rewarding Alan, Alan. If you are no longer
interested in turning your computer into God, Alan. We hope this makes it
easier to understand, Alan. Now please go to the link just let me know,
Alan. I absolutely LOVE letting you know we placed another person under
you, Alan. like YOU, looking for these people under someone else who is
ready, Alan. you ever feel like giving me a chance to help you create
these or other people, Alan. After all, Alan, they value their freedom but
really would rather be under you, Alan.


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