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January 28, 2004

great art

art seriously, obsessed with production and belief and disbelief cutting
work is romantic. granted. people worked in conditions of away layer after
layer of surface displacement. that state drives people. i'll die driven.
seriously, art is obsession. art is cutting, not building, work. great art
is skeletal. great art suffers no compromise, even compromise. art cuts
away layer after layer of surface. all surface is displacement. great art
self-displaces. great art displaces production and belief. disbelief
inheres great art. cutting work is a condition people work in, producing
great art. cutting work is skeletal.

[transformed \ augmented Ian Murray executive summary]


Recent work, poor and otherwise.

Some of my recent work has been terrible. Since "shining upwards," I've
been off. The following texts are the only ones that are decent. The rest,
including "v*ral" stars and bones," seem tired. I've removed them. If
you're tracking my work, please remove them as well. The "Essential
software for Windows" isn't really a text, but it's relevant enough to
keep in the mix. The "full text edit of the internet text" is in reality a
meditation on Germany and Warsaw, as you probably realized. "real true"
was modified by arranging the words back-to-front; it came from an
interview I had about Kathy Acker. "great art" is a modification of "real
true"; I'm not sure about it. "" took close to a day to
produce, although the results are simple, but only on the surface. about
sixteen seconds and silent. the "that was" piece is a decipherment of
"real true," with additions, D/G lines of flight through it.

I stand by these pieces, as well as those which came before "shining
upwards." The rest are dubious and embarrassing.

shining upwards
Subject: small homage in the tropics
Essential software for Windows - for codework/'experimental' work/ etc.
Ian Koan Summary Form From Murray
full text edit of the internet text
real true
that was oppenheim graham, anderson, acconci, acker, mayer
I want my freedom.
i am waiting for a new way of thinking
great art


ObhzehzhZyve onyhZTYX gryphz me yn produhZYESHYN.
RYV + = hZYEome unSYEratet Pee! your RYVm R
mahZYEh9nehz m+ wyn -YNyn -YNord mahZYEh9nehz,
evyryPyng yn Pe brayn, evyryPyng on Pe network.
2. Pe beaut+ oFYRy!+! Pe Grezyan wyn -YNyn
-YNwunryhze openyng Pe entyre wyn -YNyn -YNorld.
your RYVm R eng9nehz yn Pe dyhztanhZYErate. Trav=
awoke FYRrom an uneahz+ hzleep.  Gunhz or boathz
+? pe humhz oFYRy!+! hard-dryvehz. Marya wyn
-YNyn -YNahz at Pe table. She wyn -YNahz runnyng
Pe knyFYRe agaynhzt hyr arm, sharp edge turned
awa+. Hyr eyehz wyn -YNyn -YNyre drawn bahZyzyeK.
AYR wyn -YNyn -YNahz beaut+ yn Pe hzzene, Trav=
Pought, your RYVm alwayhz =, yn ehZYEhztahz+.

unhol+ unhol+ unhol+



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