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January 31, 2004

I've had to change my procmail/spamassassin filtering from saving spam in
a file to send it to /dev/null (the metaphysics of this amazes me) - the
auto-delete bin as far as I'm concerned. So if you send me something and
don't hear back, please send back with a different heading - or at least
inform me that you haven't received a response.

I've had to do this because my spam had reached about 5 megabytes a day.

- Alan
Trace projects

Net\par Empire

   "For historical reasons, if you specify name, split can only create
   676 separate files." The default naming convention allows 2028 separate
   files. i will love clara hielo internet\par internetwork towards
   Godard coherencies phenomenology incoherencies\par hole. Net dialog is
   a tangle of switches, sidetracks, private and\par Net accounts. The
   SOLAR increases nocturnal glow; HIELO LENS melds into\par
   psychological domain. Noise becomes integrated into REWRITE; the
   Net\par Net transmission speed and modes such as IRC, talk, ntalk,
   MUDs and \par out of existence, withdrawing from the Net, which is
   _always_ a with\par a Net friend, who continues to exist in this
   fashion.\par floods from the body, floods the Net as sites (and
   domains) find them-\par ographic mode found everywhere on the Net.\par
   I believe, on the Net; it continued through traceroute to
   \par third sexualities located from the middle of the Net files on,
   centered in\par 5. Synesthesia and the transformations of senses
   across the Net.\par substratum everywhere in the Net and alphabetic
   texts, discomforts of the\par 6. Defuge, burnouts and anomies on the
   Net.\par the Net files, descending into the substance of the imaginary
   in the more\par 9. Communities and communalities on the Net.\par
   mid-early Net texts on to the present.\par 13. The phenomenology of
   the architecture of the Net TCP/IP itself.\par about Net sentience and
   the clean and proper bodies of the datagrams.\par 17. Death on and off
   the Net, the physical body as obdurate and/or residue.\par all the way
   through the Net files and alphabetic texts, the subject \par
   destabilizations, the beyond of the earlier Net files, groping towards
   a\par the computer-program texts in the Net files, concentrating in
   particular on\par almost-symmetries of Net exchanges.\par 21.
   Phenomenology of emotional states, behaviors, and discourses on the
   Net.\par earliest accounts in the Net files of the same.\par the first
   three-sevenths of the Net text and alphabetic files, carrying the\par
   16 colors although Xingstream had some difficulties. I downloaded
   Netscape\par 20b3 on top of Netscape 1.1 which worked and finally
   could get Xingstream\par the configuration of the winsock. I also ran
   Netscape 1.1 through it to\par nect to the Net, through the korn shell
   on Panix running fast and smooth.\par Net Weight Poem\par burrowing
   like the Net gopher (remember that, Veronica?). It's intersti-\par
   Netsplit detected at 12:55 am: (\par dead. I will be on the Net yet, she said, To
   her quarry the storm. She\par <^V^> Crashing Netcruizer Lamer:
   StarLite\par <^V^> Crashing Netcruizer Lamer: UniBoy21\par <^V^>
   Crashing Netcruizer Lamer: SirVictor\par <^V^> Crashing Netcruizer
   Lamer: Ghostoff159\par <^V^> Crashing Netcruizer Lamer: Hueybot\par
   Bodies on the Net\par Bodies at the Net\par \tab bodies in the
   vicinity of the Net, bodies presencing,\par Bodies in the Net\par
   Bodies above the Net\par Bodies beneath the Net\par Bodies within the
   Net\par Bodies without the Net\par Bodies before the Net\par Bodies
   beyond the Net\par Bodies of the Net\par \tab of the Net of boundless
   bodies, of their fullness and speech,\par \tab of their other bodies,
   of their boundless Nets\par reiterative. The Net diffuses and
   collapses, differentiates and integ-\par But the "Net" doesn't do
   anything, neither diffuses nor collapses, etc.;\par there is no Net -
   only an accumulation of protocols, emanants, resonan-\par The ontology
   of the Net is UNCANNY, an absenting or problematic alterity;\par all.
   The imaginary is addictive; Net users become USERS, circulating\par
   Net; other references include ghosts, geist, ectoplasms, prostheses,
   and\par scious. I no longer believe that "Net users become USERS" - no
   longer be-\par lieve in the unary Net of course - and addiction can
   easily be deconstruc-\par PROPER NAMES circulate throughout the Net,
   the promise of TRUTH or BEAUTY,\par every possible Net world in a
   continuous morph, and every KIND is simulta-\par Azure you'd have
   Alure. If Nettime merged with Cybermind you'd have Net-\par
   intersperses OPEN DIGITAL NETWORK PROTOCOL with acronyms; there are
   no\par In the earlier sections of the Internet Text, I have stressed
   three\par Theoretical Work in the Internet Text (Locations)\par 0.
   Clara Hielo Internet.\par from the very beginnings of the Internet
   Text, these terms focused upon\par Commentary: Clara Hielo Internet
   does not exist. She is my ideal woman. \par growth of the Internet
   Text, which, at this point, was just beginning.]\par burned into the
   Internet itself, wires laid across the skin, the skin\par The GREAT
   BEYOND is the horizon of the Internet, always farther, always\par
   mind. If the Internet merged with the London Times, you'd have
   moderator of this and every other list.\par INTERNET, AROUSED, IN
   everything is possible. She was getting\par (Alan): Packets continuing
   momentarily throughout the network, while\par (Alan): Beyond the
   directness of communication, the network moving into\par neural
   networking, intelligent agents, and wall-crashing simultaneously. \par
   Tiffany: which we hear in our everyday networking and speaking\par my
   veins. My teeth mouth network layers. Now you may read my nerves.\par
   networks\par bodies of breasts and networks" \par a bit of movement,
   neural networking, a bit of stasis, world shutting-down\par
   internetwork towards Godard coherencies phenomenology


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