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February 5, 2004

Blue Moose performance, Morgantown W. Virginia, Feb. 4, 2004

*/multi-stream audio-video accompaniment/*
tao and nonce nonce tao tao it's dark in here
can you hear me can you hear me
i'm not at all comfortable at the moment
i'm not sure what 'im going to do but there are
there are errors at work here you can see the errors
for those for those who are
who are taking offf to baghdad
i've got to keep you here
i've got to give you something to look at
i've got to give you a memory
of weapons of mass destruction if you're going
if you're going there you've got to be prepared
for weapons of mass destruction - without preparation who really knows
what will happen
what will happen to you
you might you might be killed
you'll be on the tv
every american who is killed is onj the tv
every single one
image after image
we all lose people
the iraqis aren't there you don't know do you
how many are killed, there are always
a mess of them, there are always a group of them
or a pile by the side of the road
after the world trade center 9/11
after that everyone had a story
it was madness
friends were threatening suicide
people couldn't function at all
everyone remembered where they were that day
what they saw
what they brought with them for the rest of their lives
it's like that
and it continues -
they'd tell you their stories
they'd remember and tell yo and their stories
would go on for a long time, a second expanded
into a narrative that went and went as they tried
to come to grips with what happened to them
they couldn't they never could
and we'd hear the stories and which was the worst and which was even worst
than that and there was nothing we cna do with them. narrative is a way
that the american empire organizes itself and there's very little room
very little room in the vestibue
in the vestibule or GENKAN
for understand what might be the other or the OTHER
that appears from behind the tree and fires
or behind the house and fires away
and then collapses
there's no memory aftger that
i'm losing my trace here my track here
i want to talk about something else
there's trash by the side of the road
there's trash there by the side of the road
it's floating away and i'm losing you
you're wondering where this is going
or how much of this you might have to endure
i'm fragile and i can hear voices behind me
they're talking away losing interst
this isn't the most important thing in their lives
this isn't in their lives at all
things will collapse and whole worlds will turn to nanotechnological dust
and there will only be
a fleeting glimpse
a fleeting glimpse
of frozen tracks of a bear or a deer
that's all that will remain and nothing else
there's a fury in that, a FURY!
that nothing else will remain, just those tracks -
and the heaps of bodies by the sides of the world
by the sides of the road
by the sides of the word
sometimes the technology fails
for example
the flash file didn't work through the projector
this happens and then there's a blank and a sound
and nothing else
you might be wondering where this is going at this point - seeing that so
many things are collapsing - even the sound seems a bit troublesome -
what's happening, why is it stopping and starting like this.
i feel people are staring at my back
TURN AWAY! LOOK SOMEWHERE ELSE! can't you see - they can't see - I'm
typing in the dark - there's almost nothing visible....
so I'll try something else, we'll see what the projector does... that's
better - but there goes the image! we'll try again....
the world dissolves in god in plasma -
and this is a short film called 'murmur'
and it's the turning of the world on itself
and the turning and wait - there's got to be more
there's always the movie of the end of empire
or the last empire, i forget the title - you know the one - the no video
NO VIDEO one -
you can see - what else can I show you here?
on the left - the end of Empire
on the right - Europe 1915 just befrore the war
you know which war
these are some Europeans
they're down by the beach - they're down there - there's waiting for
something -
in silence they're waiting for something
where are their families their children
what ever
whatever happened to...
how much of this can go on -
I'm feeling my age here - I notice there's a blank screen just below the
piano one whatever went on it? where's it going? why did the ocean image
stop? why is the NO VIDEO still going on? Why does it say no video really
NO VIDEA? is this - not really - I was going to say - wait, I'll find out!
that's it - ok, more entertainment - well, that's a drag - just a blank
screen and then it jumped... ah well, hold on a minuite - this is getting
entirely out of control - you almost forgot just for a moment - the war -
what this started off with - remember the empire and everything else
associated with it?something is opening - something closing - there's too
many things happening here - look - I'm riding the machine maybe shutting
down? - no it's continuing - hee hee - just hold on - something will make
sense in a bi t- oh my god entertainment for the masses - now you're
really going to forget things - this is a cheap short - cheap shot = I
better retire for this - how many were killed today - I can't remember a
thing - things seem to be moving way out of control - I just can't
remember anything at this point - where are we - so far the usa has lost
around 500 soldiers -
this is what i wanted to talk about - i can't remember how many were lost
- on that other side - with the world trade center - i remember - it was
around 2700 - but it was first supposed to be - reported as - 5400 - then
it went down - they were americans - some afghani died a while later -
some of the - some of the iraqi too - or iraqis - or iraki or irakis -
some of them -
i don't know - this is more or less of a collapse - who would want to
watch this over and over anyway - there's a nova - I'll show that - a real
fast nova - it won't get away -
there's that thing - there's that nova -
there's that thing -
there's that nova -
thank you

we are all patients

this gaping wound around the head of the of the wound in complex realspace
texts muted in if not the wound and both are fictional momentary about net
sex Net sex third sex, sex Net sex third sex, again and in
real sex _your_ disappears in cybersex 8 the other 9 third sex is skinned
sex the mouthing is skinned sex the mouthing of the body whatever 11 third
sex as the writing of the me_ 20 net sex as transference _listening-to_
third sex we are all patients accompanied from Net sex forever can I? I
have In Net sex if I don't speak I'm In Net sex the symbolic tends towards
the In Net sex language turns towards substance with hhhhh... 8 Net sex is
the wryting of the terminal-bodies. 9 Net sex shares with the therapeutic
and for Western subjectivity a return therefore to content subject or
subjectivity in depth; by the conflicting desires the cat desperate for
attention. I'm alone with hope and despair became one ball of smoldering
ash the of despair and violence the always was either to disease or
temptation - the same in 'we are all patients.'


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