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we are all patients

this gaping wound around the head of the of the wound in complex realspace
texts muted in if not the wound and both are fictional momentary about net
sex Net sex third sex, sex Net sex third sex, again and in
real sex _your_ disappears in cybersex 8 the other 9 third sex is skinned
sex the mouthing is skinned sex the mouthing of the body whatever 11 third
sex as the writing of the me_ 20 net sex as transference _listening-to_
third sex we are all patients accompanied from Net sex forever can I? I
have In Net sex if I don't speak I'm In Net sex the symbolic tends towards
the In Net sex language turns towards substance with hhhhh... 8 Net sex is
the wryting of the terminal-bodies. 9 Net sex shares with the therapeutic
and for Western subjectivity a return therefore to content subject or
subjectivity in depth; by the conflicting desires the cat desperate for
attention. I'm alone with hope and despair became one ball of smoldering
ash the of despair and violence the always was either to disease or
temptation - the same in 'we are all patients.'


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