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February 8, 2004

this is MAPS for you

you should read this MAPS because they will try to stop this MAPS you have
no idea how hard it is to get this MAPS through to you you should invest
in this MAPS because they would not make it so hard if it were not so good
and you know hard is best because it is best for you you should invest in
MAPS you should invest in MAPS

this MAPS has made it all way to you it is a good MAPS about how I am a
bad person and have so much to give you please send me everything of you
and I will give you so much more this is such good MAPS I cannot tell you
how it MAPS you but it will MAPS you so good they will try and stop us
MAPS we cannot be stopped

we are revolution MAPS fighting the good fight we are radical MAPS this is
the best fight we are getting through are we not you are reading MAPS here
and you will send me all you and I will send you so much more

___Y persnickety debris oscillation turmoil

the poorest tiny MAPS coming to you please

i am poor MAPS knocking at your door feed on
capital and i will be good there are so many
sickness and illness on the way so many filter
line to cross. i will come into your heart when i
can cross mountain and stream, to arrive at
village past monster and ogre that will bar the
path, they will say poor monster or "our monster"
that they will set up to catch MAPS i will defeat
them with scrawl and this word so you will get my
good capital which i will do for you my good
capital which will hearten your life enlighten
your heart you will live forever in capital flow
river this is capital flow stream that will swell
to mighty river but i am illness and sickness and
discomfort and will knock quietly on a soft ware
to come in o let me in to let me enter with my
capital promise and gift to you pity the MAPS
knocking at your opportunity door to bring you
health and happiness you will want MAPS to come
into your heart and MAPS to enlighten you


artificial intelligence

enormous surplus of electrical charge creates intelligence
this is the accursed share surplus economy transformed
use nothing and think whatever you want
see organic surplus electrical charge intelligence in action
programmed by forces beyond our control
the fundamental constant of the visible and invisible universe
they speak to you quite clearly
electrical generation of necessary sound
program and program the well


god's bright fury

go away god you bring us stupid trinkets
we won't listen to you any longer
your tax cuts burn our children alive
your promises are your stupid christian
howl howl howl howl howl
go away go away


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