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February 14, 2004

We need some cheer in our life

Think good thoughts


"There's a saint in the sky" ("John Murphy")

There's a saint in the sky called Valentine
He's in my heart and is in thine
Look to the heaven's and see the stars
Outshine the sun whose light is from afar

Come to our hearts and sing so pure
That God will come divine
And bless us so that we are sure
That I am yours and you are mine

I have seen far too many dead
And dream of graves with vines entwined
I await my lover in her stead
And I will die and she will sigh

Death is useless and we are hear
Our children are our present pain
Kill them all and we will not fear
And live and never die again

You and I will live forever
Our hears two roses deep entwined
Nothing ever shall us sever
Though are faces be long lined

John Murphy he comes walking
Long in step and over hill
Dont listen to him while he's stalking
Other's lovers he will go to hell

John Murphy he lies dying
On a lone and forlorn grave
All his children there are crying
Oh my love you must be brave

John Murphy he has gone
To that fastness in the sky
And his daughters and his sons
Will pray for him in the bye and bye

There's a saint called Valentine
And I am yours and you are mine
Leave the mines and never fear
We will live another year
We will live another year


american empire hardly worth going on about


It's so much later in the evening and I'm trying to decide what to take
to the Brown mini-conf. I'm on the 3rd book of Journey to the West, but I
might leave that in favor of the I Ching, which I want to look at in
depth (re: Legge's version, not Wilhelm's). We found more free books
today including the poems of Gershom Scholem, Ahmed Rassim's The Little
Bookseller Oustaz Ali, poems by Neruda, photos of CBGB etc. in blank
generation revisited, the early days of punk rock, Gabriel Levin's
Hezekiah's Tunnel, a quite old Chinese bowl as well. I don't understand
and I so want to. It is February 14 2004 and I am utterly drained. This
afternoon I rose from a nap feeling ill again. This happens all too
often. After the mini-conf. I will return to the doctors. Again and
again. In Kurosawa's dreams, there are journeys through the wood. I want
to return to Japan. The Economist Pocket series World in Figures doesn't
cover all the countries. That's an error. The shakuhachi is still within
the trumpet case. My headache is getting worse again. I need codeine. The
laptop now has 768 megabytes of RAM and runs considerably faster. I'll
take the Zaurus with the two UML (universal modeling language)
applications. I can work on the real and codework simultaneously,
diagramming my thoughts. I am using sequencing and database diagrams. I
will bring the Cybertext Yearbook almost definitely. But then it may not
be necessary. I may bring the Chomsky. Chances are yes, it will be the
Chomsky. Sat Feb 14 21:12:26 EST 2004


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