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Text from Brown University E-Fest conf. performance - thanks to Talan
Memmott, Bob Coover and everyone -

@touch radio radio
americanempire americanempire
yoyu have to imagine this really really loud
well it was when we set up but right now it's not so
this should be almost deafening.
this should be about trhe american empire
we're playing and singing aboutt rock and rockk
you canj hyardly hear this something more
wellm, this is a mess already.
i was really prepared for this although i'm feeling sick

hyonestly this was going tob e the best thing i evert did
you would have remembered it and told you friends,
wow alan really soared tonight, it was incredible in fact i never
saw something so wonderul and instread he did this mess...;
he couldn't control antying,
look the girl even stopped singing and those other people
seem a bit lost, they're just running around.... so

what cann i do to salvage this, get rid of the rock maybe
music's an easy way out - this is the end of empire,
this is the end of empire movie, the last empire movie,
the music brings it home, it's all over -
i keep thinking that these words should MEAN something,
already I notice that something's lost in the translation

here is europe in 1915, just before the war, wait a minut,
it's coming upyou can see
everyone is just waiting for the war to begin
they're sure it's coming so they're going honestly to the beach
for the last time, they figure they'll go to the beach
after the war again,
and they honestly hope it will be a short war so they can go soon
to the beach where they will swim and froilic

this is the swimming and frolicing at the beach scene
in three dimensions, it's really the best way to see it
(it's almost as if youi could run around them and
see them from all sides!!!!)

that's the magic of the computer screen, honestly!


wewll, ok.... i want things to happen
i want things to happen so fast that you will just
look and they will have already happened and you will
have been there - that was a bit of sumerian
in case you wondered, the dinger mes - moving towards the ultimate
giving of rhyme

i dreamed of the ocean of 1915, when my father was close to being born
or just was born, and this must have been what it was like
now we're entering another period, you know that better than i do,
when we have to fear the fascists in our own country
when that's all we've got left is fear and the hope that the elections
won't be mutilated by a coup d'etat this time just before
the elections, not even waiting until they're over,
i mean the people uselessly voting like in some other 'impoverished'
country of our dreams

theres a dancer i work with from time to time
he's swiss
which means he's from switzerland
which isn't the same as 'sweden' wlel you may ask
what does this have to do with anything

in his work he emphasizes the labor of the bodey,
which appears - well you cxan think of it this way
there are two bodies, there's the virtual body of dance
and there's the real body of the dancer and he works with the latter,
his peices dangerous and stopping and stopping

he tried to do this in new york city

what was I saying
oh yes, of the national archives in new york city
and they were lit by the fires which he tried to put out
by his furious dancing under the stars.

it was the tao
it was the other tao
there are two of them that almost do the same thing
like a rhyme or a upon that derails the nusery rhyme

i can't spell any more

honest, i'm feeling sick

do yoyu want to see two ballloons on a ceiling? i'm sure you do....

there they are - can you take FOUR minutes of two ballons?
one way to think of it is

look at ONE Balloon for TWO minutges
and the OTHER balloon for TWO minutes

or (my favorite!!!!!) forget ONE OF THE BALLOOOSN altogether!

well enough of that.
the point of this is that this kind of work MATTERS
and it carries its own meaning and POLITICS and we should get out
and vote and this time if we lose we should fucking take to the street.

thank you


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