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February 21, 2004

changes in performance

right now i have continuous dialog screen bottom + audio video sound

1 text running w/ different background color in front of full-screen image
directory series?

2 automated text running in the same position

3 double automated text the same

use bump mapping w/other images if possible

4 speak about setting things in motion etc. etc.

'this is a sign of the future"
'in the future all things will be arranged"

'he's already shown this to a lot of people"

'they won't believe he's working on something new"

'they won't believe in him"

with abject apologies
"what a performance failure"
"no one is running this"
"he'll move the text in a minute"

with shakuhachi live maybe
"he wants to practice shakuhachi"
"he'll share these notes with anyone who want to read them"

with bows and graceful feelings
"how generous he is"

"how much love'

"we read his innermost thoughts in 'changes in performance''

"how clever how clever'

"something detracts us from death'

"how clever how clever'


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