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Have you ever felt were writing something other than what writing, that
the was beside itself, couldn't ground it in any thing at all? This piece
is a mess. If God exists, and I mean all sincerity, kill me now.

That yesterday also It's an absurd belief lists of letters or numbers,
[[a-b][A-B][0-9][-_.'",]] etc. make for interesting reading. Yesterday's
incomprehensible, reworking installation log linux on this machine. The
only interest all it's full install Fedora. And so what? section uncoded.
Here's where I admit failure. I've been wringing everything could out
so-called 'Internet Text' (a title hate; used when still child) over 10
years now. How often can have anything to say? anyone?  milked just about
every format think of. cauterized myself; philosophical content work, my
real interest, lost among thousands pages nonsense. Meaning, value, good
and evil - reside within human heart, require frameworks presence
function. There nothing without framework. 500 AUTH not understood.

new scholars rock has doubled pinnacleses atat four inches they tower
above worldld cocodeine keeps headaches awayay cocontinuous life living
hellll crcrawl crawlwl evevery day another headachehe eveverything's
gone goingng heher composed inextricable detoursrs i had cat scan todayay
some ideas origin her workrk fury twenty-six teethth stared
laser guidemarksks worry opal whitelyly there might be 'something behind
them'm' momonkey fly monk climb themem mymy body heated by iodinene
shakuhachi needs reboring as lacquer slippeded onon tongue faint taste
plumsms ththe egyptian book deadad motor roared aroundnd sky stumbles its feetet sound motherboard seems disconnecteded world totoday found
shelleyey wewe are taking vet examination noduleses wewell, hell, but
somewhat uncomfortablele _ treading water


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