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March 1, 2004

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In a national phone survey between March 12 and May 20, 2003, the Pew
Internet & American Life Project found that more than 53 million
American adults have used the Internet to publish their thoughts,
respond to others, post pictures, share files and otherwise contribute
to the explosion of content available online. The most eager and
productive content creators break into three distinct groups: 1) Power
creators are the Internet users who are most enthusiastic about
content-creating activities. They are young � their average age is 25 �
and they are more likely than other kinds of creators do things like
use instant messaging, play games, and download music. And they are the
most likely group to be blogging. 2) Older creators have an average age
of 58 and are experienced Internet users. They are highly educated,
like sharing pictures, and are the most likely of the creator groups to
have built their own Web sites. They are also the most likely to have
used the Internet for genealogical research. 3) Content omnivores are
among the heaviest overall users of the Internet. Most are employed.
Most log on frequently and spend considerable time online doing a
variety of activities. They are likely to have broadband connections at
home. The average age of this group is 40.
[SOURCE: Pew Internet & American Life Project]

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mama help me i'm burning
drunken diagram and blind uncited
disappearing into plasma
haiti is burning
usa is burning
codework is burning
codework is burning is codework
iraq is burning
everywhere is burning





badoodle le

it's 's the he tiniest st little le nub ub blubber er
it it just st hangs gs there re and nd holds ds hands ds
a soft ft rubbery ry flubbery ry of of an an organ an
drinks ks when en it it wants ts to to
squishy hy and nd wishy hy
all ll little le men en made de little le things gs
all ll men en are re little le little le men en
bang ng bang ng bang ng look ok what at i can an do do
little le grimy my slimy my things gs whirl rl and nd curl rl
shrug ug its ts little le soldiers rs for or another er day ay
like ke a noodle le caboodle le

last st night ht when en i lay ay sleeping ng la la la
i thought ht of of this is la la la la


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