The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

March 11, 2004

>what about mot-valise?

                       Alan Sondheim vs Cyrill Duneau


      collision collusion maybe collaboration maybe colloidal

      we worked and worked on this text and it is for your eyes only


Bon apres-midi Sondheim, we are an old country "Compensating O.
Taxonomy" doused rioters with high-pressure water hoses during the
fighting. of the death and resurrection of Jesus. Haitian refugees if an
exodus begins to be returned because they're stupid and not at all "one"
with plans of empire.. famed coach of the ZMA Track Club, the renowned
architect Richard Rogers, I want to drive the last nail in, with shops and
restaurants dotting the concourses and lobbies, republican filled
vomitoriums. People-mover hallways get them the hell out of here Sure,
elevators are nice for vertical navigation and five angry Jews have
crucified George W. Bush and five angry gays have


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