The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

the last 2004

   the weakened grasp of the world on the world
   the retreat from the world into speed-speed transcendence
   the retreat from the world into pseudo-worlds
   the prevalence of pseudo-worlds, semi-worlds, quasi-worlds
   the appearance of speed-speed ghosts everywhere
   the imminent destruction of the surface of the planet
   the imminent loss of faunal cultures
   the quantity information suppurating model of the earth
   the increasing violence of gangs and fundamentalisms
   the spread of local mafias, networked and universal
   the distribution of spoils, rule of viral thugs
   the rule of hungry ghosts, speed-speed wounded biomes
   the unhinged world in precession, dead eyes of the world
   the world of malignant cancers, world of dismemberments
   the plummeting of the world, planetary trashing
   the desecration and extinctions of environmental remnants
   the world ungrasped, speed-speed unhinged


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