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March 16, 2004

new images at 4d series

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744 characters

(!) flattering destroys and injures
(from the) tower watch (look out) (as if) flying (be) amazed
(go to the) forest bank (marsh) (you will be) fortunate (to) draw near
(grammatical predicates) help (assist) -er (helper)
(grave/marking post)  (prince) Duke Huan regulated (the) fit (harmony)
(one's) back (to the) Mong (mountain) face the Luo (river)
(the) Han abuse troubled (they were?) punished
(the) assistant (subordinate) sometimes flatters (sometimes) judges
(the) chicken field (and the) bare (scarlet) city walls (city)
(the) false road (way) destroyed Guo
(the) tall crown follows (the) palanquin
(the) world grants (allowance) luxury (and) wealth
(under) cover (of) home injustice abundant
(when) danger(ous) (or) (in) disgrace close to shame
(when) favors increase resist extremity (house-pole)
1/3 meter (scale, ruler) bi-jade (circular disk with hole) negative (un- )
1/30 meter (measurement, small) yin (shadow, moon, sexual organs,
Elder Brother Pond (and) peak stone
Interrogative particle (how?) (do you) abide by promises (according to)
Jin (and) Chu change supremacy
Wild Goose Gate (and the) Great Wall (purple pass)
Zhao (and) Wei surrounded (placed) east to west
[(when) favors increase to the utmost]
[Mencius, Meng-ke] honest simple, plain
[or: urge them to plant/grow spirits of the earth]
[the] superior man [does things thoroughly and with urgency] [regulates
a still nature evades passion
a withered pear-tree (is) faithful (bells, chimes) (to) li-script
above harmony below harmonious
again assembles (a) group (of) flowers
agreeing (as) mind (ch'i, spirit) linking (joining) branches
all father's sister father's older brother father's younger brother
already gathering the tomb ceremony
attainment of ability never neglect
begin the year (to carry) in the south mu3 (about 1.6 acres)
beginning making writing characters
benevolence is built the name stands
bequeath and bow doubting the sections
bequeath them excellent way (plan)
blessings (fortune) (are caused by) virtuous happiness
change covers grass and weeds (vegetation)
city (and) village flourish (in the) summer
cliff (and) cave (mountain) dim (and obscure) (and) deep (obscure,
climb the stairs accept the high steps of the throne
closest to Doctrine of the Mean (Middle Way)
clouds ascend, galloping, sending rain
cold comes the heat goes
console the people strike down the guilty
contain (form) (and) stop if (one is) thinking
covering the person issues (giving birth to)
create order not separation
cut (and) polish precepts (and) rules
dawn (early in the morning) prosper warm (and pure)
deception the talk of the other (is) brief
deliberate beginnings sincerity, fidelity beautiful, beauty
devote one's efforts to now sow and (reap) gather harvest
devotion follows (rules) the end (of) life
dew forms becoming frost
disaster (catastrophe) depends on (is caused by) the accumulation (of)
doors sealed eight (of the) counties
drawing (painting) draw (paint) birds (and) animals
drive (the wheel) hubs shake (the) tassels
drum (play) the lute (25-string se4) blow the sheng1 (mouth reed
early (minute) dawn who (is) conducting business
east (and) west two capitals
employ (the) army (with the) utmost skill
engrave (the) monument inscribe (the) inscription (artist's signature)
enter (the internal) music (play music) the mother (of) appearance
examine oneself (when) ridiculed admonished
expel the throne yield the country
face (meet, confront) the deep tread (put on shoes) lightly
faith the cause of should be covered (protect your faith)
feminine, secret) is (just so) (to be) emulated (compete with)
figured beautiful cloth wraps around (the) Han (Chinese) blessing, four
filial piety serves as (accepts) the end of power (the power of others)
fishscales hidden in depths feathers circling above
floating Wei (river) according to (seize) the Jing (Sheu river)
follow the idea and change (your) heart (mind)
four (wantonly) bamboo mats establish (a) place
four great five (is) normal
from 7 to 9 in the morning the constellations line up it's a measure word,
galloping reputation (gallops) (across) reds (and) blues (painting)
go and increase the chant
gold gives birth beautiful water
good (and) wonderful
government rooted in regard to agriculture
great open country (and) Dong Ting Lake
guard the truth with full intention
harness (the) vehicle (palanquin) prosper quickly
heaven earth black yellow :: heaven is black, earth is yellow
help (the) weak assist (help up) (the) falling (leaning)
historian Yu2 grasps straight-forward
hold strictly steer properly
hold the boundary talk and test with scalding
homes allowed (for) (salary of) one thousand soldiers (troops)
honorable trade (the place) of foundation
important matters of State]
in addition to work obey government
in autumn the harvesting in winter the hiding, concealing
in disintegration reliance on the self (self-reliance) (is) long
integrity (justice) gives back honesty
intercalary timing the leftover residue becomes one tenth measurement of
jade emanates out from Kun mountain summit
kind humanity (conceal)  compassion
know what passes the certainty of change
lacquered write (on) wall (lining) the classics (jing1)
learn outstanding ascend (to) official (service)
legal principles
like (a) pine(s) this prospers
like (an) orchid(s) this fragrance
like (the same as) (a) child compared (to) (a) son (child)
listen to sound observe (inquire) reason
love raise up the hosts the leaders
make friends join (and) divide
many scholars just so [really] peaceful (tranquil)
many vegetables mustard ginger
meditation (ch'an, Zen) lord (master, chief) speaks (from the, in the)
men imitate pleasing genius
minister prostrate the army barbarians
mountain ancestral (is) exalted Tai
music particularly is precious (and) humble
my artful planting of glutinous millet and millet
near and far one reality
nine provinces (emperor) Yu marked
one hundred prefectures Qin merged (i.e. they were enlarged)
particle as well
pictures colorful immortals (hermits) (and) spirits
please the rank (of office) bind yourself
poetry the praise of small (lamb) sheep (sheep)
policy merits profusion (of) (the) truths (reality)
proclaim (announce) (your) might (power) (across the) desert
prudent all good ancient laws
question or problem
ration of the guest returning to the emperor
respect (connector / alone) the rearing of children
restraint, conquering (of) study makes (creates) the sage
rise up exterminate quite (the) magistrates (shepherds)
rites as well are valuable and low
say diction (classical rhetoric) (with) quiet, peaceful determination
sky and valley proclaim (one's) fame
so the lu bamboo pitches shift position open
speak strictly (accurately) give respect
speech (and) emotion (of the) warrior man, population
supreme ruler
survive by means of the wild pear
taxes in the ripe (grain) tribute in the new (grain)
the cap changes distrust the stars
the capital (of) the father (parallels) the (business) affairs (of) the
the ch'in 4-stringed instrument
the cosmos the cosmos are vast a desolate wasteland
the depths (abyss) clear (transparent) take up (create) (a) reflection
the double-edged dagger furiously named the huge gate-tower
the empty chamber hall (public room) learn (review lessons) carefully
the external (foreign) accept pass on instructions
the fire dragon the emperor teaching
the first stem (a) curtain (notebook, album) against (answer, reply) the
the government bureaus skeins command together (mutually)
the heart moves the weary mind
the husband chants (calls upon) the wife follows
the ink (of) sorrow, sadness (on silk) is printed (sadness stains the
the left attains holds brightness
the official (government) hall (a) tray (with) plum (blossoms) (strong
the origin of shape proper (upright) model
the path (of) the ancient swordsman the scholar tree minister of state
the pearl called the light of darkness
the phoenix cries in the bamboo
the phoenix the royal official men
the right (direction) passes through (a) broad interior
the river flows not (un) stopping (ceaselessly)
the rolls greatly nothing (in the) end
the sea salted the rivers fresh
the sun fills the moon fills the sun sets in the west it's dusk
the third stem give alms (cottage, abandon) drawn near (beside) awaken
the tool (utensil) of desire (is) trouble (quantity) measure-word
the treasure of fruit plum apple
the white colt grazes there
the wicked suffer setbacks loss of money
then uniforms, wearing robes < clothing skirts < clothing
they spread out
think very much \ of each other elder brother younger brother
to develop reward dismiss, expel and ascend
toil modestly cautiously
trample (the) earth join (the) alliance
tributary of Wei small stream that one an offiial rank (head of Wei)
trust attain a myriad (10,000) directions (square)
trying a case at court query the way
urge them respect to maintain (establish)
view (the) form distinguish (the) type
view, scenery lines tied or lined-up wisdom
where (particle) (exclamatory or interrogative) particle interrogative
wilderness (vast, spacious) distant continuous (and) remote
women adore chastity unyielding
yao tang has predicted


i won't go to war because i am a coward
i won't go to all the wars i can remember
i remember all the small countries around us
the threats from iraq vietnam libya grenada nicaragua
you name it we're off again on again in europe asia middle east
us cowards will breed like crazy
we'll take over the world
there won't be any more wars


i go won't to go war to because war i because am am coward a i coward
won't all wars the i wars can can i remember won't small small countries
countries around around us us threats threats from from iraq iraq vietnam
vietnam libya libya grenada grenada nicaragua nicaragua you again name on
it again we're in off europe again asia on middle in you europe name asia
it middle we're east off cowards will us breed cowards like will crazy
breed we'll take over world take there be there any won't more be

i coward won't i go won't to go war to because war am i a am coward a all
to the all wars the can i remember can small the countries small around
countries us around threats the from threats iraq from vietnam iraq libya
vietnam grenada libya nicaragua grenada you east name you it name we're it
off we're again off on again in again europe in asia europe middle asia
east middle cowards us will cowards breed will like breed crazy like we'll
world take we'll over take world the there wars be won't any be more any


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