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March 24, 2004

butterfly fugue

this is the mating that triggered the war that killed all the people
the silent wings stirring up anguish, no one can take the blame
we are all innocent in our lives, we are all wounded
we will not eat we will live to do as much injury as possible
we will bring everyone to their knees, how dare they
we are the fury of the righteous and the violence of the lord
we are christ's burning, yahweh's drowning, allah's stoning
how dare we speak in the name of the truth
we are the murderers' fire and water and stone
one with annihilation
one with the world


somebody ko/ing ginsberg, nn's occidental motherfuckers

i've wanted to write and quite unsure how to begin
none of us are safe from attack innuendo
there is no persepctive but the present which is always ripped apart

ginsberg's howl freed me then and frees me now
he was an outspoken jew among others and other things
he read with the force of the rav derrida deconstructing abomb america
i read him first at 13 then on and off forever

but the point of the hatred here after the fact and the era
coupled with anne's publicity blurb when something else was needed

and over there on syndicate nn seems self-immolating
whether she's a corporate entity on the run
or someone going through a hard political time
violence inheres to her, she drags the slaughter with her

and it seems to me that the thugs in power have already won
rumsfeld and hamas and israel all tearing everything limb from limb
spam's brought 29% already using email less and less
who wants to read the violence of viagra the violence of fraud

bush and blair thug-script leaks into what was once communality
and when i heard allen read it was that, community around him
the gathering and the chanting which actually worked and overcame
if just for a moment

and nn had her sense of human but now drags skulls
like i said, like i said
my own words and works try to burst their bounds, there's more hatred

there are mother-fuckers everywhere, why not deconstruct those words

for myself, i have to admit indiscretions in the past
psychological violence to other people, self-destruction, whimpering
inability to see people for who or what they really are
i'm more guilty than ginsberg, my soul is ash at best

eleven years or so after auschwitz and he's penning howl
against a smug america which today runs our country to the ground

if we can't learn to listen, we won't die trying, we'll just die

god or someone else help us, or someone else


we are a congregation

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