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April 8, 2004

Confessions of Hell

Cyril Cyril - - - Hell - a A - A shakuhachi ABSOLUTIST any ABSOLUTIST any
ALL Junichiro ALL THEM Alexander - Alexander the Alfred - Alfred Viscount
American - American coming Americans - Americans the BELIEVER BELIEVER
Henri Barbusse who Berlin - Berlin Mathematica Betrayal The Betrayal
personality Bird American Bird back Blam Bam Blam subway Body Lewin Body
the Book Picture Book The Brooklyn Brooklyn around Brooklyn tongue Bush's
- Bush's missiles CIA? Guerilla CIA? Praeger Carol HATE Carol liar Carroll
Lewis Carroll are Connolly) The Connolly) are Conservancy - Conservancy
Bird Damian Carol Damian at EDGE HATE EDGE the East Blam East the FUCK -
FUNDAMENTALIST unmitigated Fallodon - Fallodon of Florida at Florida got
GATEKEEPER - GATEKEEPER summer GOD! Hitting GOD! Thank Grave Picture Grave
Unquiet Gray Medical Gray Viscout Guerilla cut Guerilla the Guide
Mathematica Guide Philip HATE HATE - HATE corrupt Heeb - Heeb of Hell Hell
Barbusse Hell was Henri Damian Henri reading Hitting - Hitting churches I
writing I you International International Florida International rid Iraqis
- Iraqis Brooklyn Jew New Jew THUGS Junichiro Florida Junichiro Prefer
Jurisprudence Medical Jurisprudence Taylor Kerr - Kerr Philip Kurt - Kurt
The Lewin Betrayal Lewin Kurt Lewis The Lewis we Lowen Alexander Lowen
Body Manual - Manual A March Conservancy March to Mathematica Schaum's
Mathematica or Media New Media when Medical - Medical Swaine Nation The
Nation of Nettles Prefer Nettles THEM New University New and Noire Berlin
Noire Guide PVC - PVC - Palinaurus Palinaurus - Palinaurus under Philip
Noire Philip or Phillip - Phillip - Picture Carroll Picture Connolly)
Porzecanski CIA? Porzecanski by Praeger cut Praeger the Prefer FUCK Prefer
River - River East Schaum's - Schaum's Phillip Some - Some Tanizaki Swaine
Alfred Swaine Gray THEM FUCK THEM Florida THUGS Jew THUGS of Tanizaki
Junichiro Tanizaki Nettles Taylor Swaine Taylor of Thank - Thank - The The
- The Tupamaros: Trauma The Trauma from Tupamaros: Uruguay's Tupamaros:
school University International University of Unquiet Carroll Unquiet The
Urban Urban Uruguay's - Uruguay's the Vietnam Bush's Vietnam at Violets -
Violets March Viscout - Viscout - WHITE WHITE WHITE WHITE unmitigated a
Barbusse a was am Henri am I and International and me any - any RELIGIIOUS
are are around her around running at at back Violets back coming by
Guerilla by Praeger churches Bush's churches the coming March coming we're
corrupt Hell corrupt a cut cut fine fine Barbusse fine am from Tupamaros:
from suffering got New got she great great great was hands Iraqis hands
out her hands her throwing here here here were how - how summer liar liar
- liar corrupt me Florida me of missiles Thank missiles the of of at of
rid off hands off running one - one wish or Berlin or Phillip out out -
out tongue personality - personality Alexander reading Carol reading at
rid Media rid got running Iraqis running throwing school from school the
shakuhachi A shakuhachi PVC she and she when someone - someone wish still
still - still - subway (Cyril subway East suffering Uruguay's suffering
still summer summer the the Urban the suffering this of this writing
throwing throwing to Bird to welcome tongue her tongue off tunnels River
tunnels subway under - under tunnels unmitigated unmitigated vacation -
vacation vacation video video Damian video of was Henri was who we we - we
Grave we're - we're to welcome - welcome American were were were you when
University when me who Damian who reading wish - wish Porzecanski would
would one would someone writing - writing EDGE you - you are YOU ARE




\documentclass[11pt,a4paper]{article} \begin{document} \title{<Temporary>}
\begin{equation} y = x \end{equation} \end{document}




a for a work's all there's all you always it's always the among zazen
among zen and and and extension and intention, another a another exist
around, else around, from at exists at language back come back exist back,
coming back, here be this be won't been always been least behind, all
behind, no between exists between work between, in between, the blogged,
continues blogged, never bone, the bone, work bound bound breaks grounds
breaks work breath, every breath, life brilliant in brilliant my burns
distribution, burns uncanny cat of cat the combustion, to combustion,
uncanny come whore come will come, of come, you coming and coming is
contains it contains new continues continues never continues work covered,
never covered, on daily is daily thus, day, day, another day, whore death,
and death, every desire in desire language distribution, internal
distribution, with dog, the dog, the dumb, isn't dumb, isn't else one else
spread every between every with everything at everything contains exist
will exist work's exists my exists work experimental experimental is
experimental non, extension extension language extension political
extreme, extreme, for for ignored for my from one from spread fully fully
fury, and fury, the gawain happened gawain my genius, daily genius, my
grounds grounds happened nothing happened the has has health, and health,
incredible here and here is honey, my honey, running, i've i've around,
i've sight ignore work's ignore you ignored be ignored is in in
in-between, happened in-between, new incredible exists incredible has
intention, political intention, work internal burns internal has is qua is
work isn't isn't and isn't come, it ignore it the it's it's it's long,
it's song, it, in it, peril, its of its work kind, in kind, my language
experimental language the least least genius, least the left left life
between life has limits, desire limits, the logged, logged, never logged,
never long, for long, song, makes no makes sometimes mean, between, mean,
daily medium, internal medium, to men, and men, between, mind, brilliant
mind, kind, more more most daily most the my in my language never never
new new breaks new language no bound no isn't non, in non, qua nothing
pearl, nothing work's of of rules of sometimes on on one is one no own,
its own, the pearl, and pearl, my peril, everything peril, your political
and political my qua sine qua thule rat, it's rat, the rules dumb, rules
no running, it running, slack, scene, new scene, pearl, sickness between
sickness work sight else sight from sine language sine ultima slack, no
slack, stay, sometimes bound sometimes dumb, song, for song, my sound,
i've sound, to spread is spread no stay, back, stay, to tallied, my
tallied, never the my the non, there's left there's sound, this won't this
work thule thule is thule ultima thumb, makes thumb, of thus, been thus,
extreme, to to has to my ultima the ultima work uncanny my uncanny with
wealth, between wealth, incredible whore a whore more will more will my
with exists with has women women among women and won't work won't work
work work work my work sine work's it, work's my you makes you rules your
at your contains zazen is zazen zen zen is zen is

my work is experimental language sine qua non, the ultima thule in
extension and political intention, breaks new grounds with every breath,
exists between life death, has incredible wealth, sickness health, no
rules of thumb, isn't dumb, sometimes makes you come, bound to medium,
internal distribution, burns uncanny combustion, won't be ignored for
long, this song, it's never covered, logged, tallied, blogged, continues
on its own, dog, bone, cat rat, desire fury, at limits, contains
everything it, ignore it your peril, work's gawain pearl, nothing happened
in-between, scene, spread from sight sound, there's one else around, i've
left all behind, brilliant mind, kind, daily genius, always been thus,
least extreme, most mean, between, zen among women men, zazen fully
running, honey, coming back, slack, here stay, will exist another day, a
whore come back more



boredom with television with the whole series
the sickness of the time is my borderline
writing and writing into space to make the world
 whole again
placing stars in front of the cabinet with the
 chinese pillow
my play accordion nuance is not included


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