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April 13, 2004

true poetry damn it!

   ITS A DAMN SLAM The Seattle Poetry Festivals
   Mixed Offerings by realize, and they, not the slams,
   represent the true spirit of modern American poetry.
   0 46k true Your Poetry Dot Com is not responsible
   for the content of any comment TRUE GOES TO SEE
   THE FBI GUY (User Rating: 1) by neptunes_first on Wednesday ...
   Damn good story ...
   respond, Go write and post your own damn poetry
   then! All havent noticed, I only write
   poetry when I Chinese Poems: True Love (Zhen
   Ai) Search (Zhao) Vixen ...
   81957.shtml 35k true Saddamn good poetry: haikus
   for Hussein. Published love? Is it true my love
   What they say on CNN? Wolf can be so cruel Showdown in Iraq?
   true I knew it Damn you Your throwing your life away
   It sounds harsh but its true You�ll Here If You
   Would Recommend This Poem** - Poetry Main - More
   Loses His Fingers Gift-giving, a discovery Poetry
   and Other News: Volume 1, Issue 6 90% True News:
   Volume CATS AND DOGS: An Objective Comparison .:
   DAMN, I�M ...
   true His words came true. The Revision of the KJV
   removed the damn words from the Holy pages of
   the Word bringing us a few steps closer to removing the tarnish
   Word Bytes: 1160 Viewed: 149 times Category - Poetry ©
   Copyright by damn straight Great poem ...
   All so true, and so appealling in a cauterize-ones-own
   true Damn him! Damn her! God
   damn it all! I think I am going to cool off
   with the poetry for awhile. Although many have enjoyed my
   work, it is true what they say. ...
   true Poems at the Poetry Free-for-all > Rigidly
   Compartmentalized Chaos Damn it! ...
   __________________ Another nightmare about to come
   true Will manifest tomorrow true poetry damn it!


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