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April 15, 2004

My Shelley Tomb

"For I have found myself sincerly concious, crost day and night, enclined
and embarrassing and prest; the seige on my heart in this desart brings an
ach to me, somthing hardly expected. Ah, exhiliarating life and its
violance! Yesterday, the atmospher was dark and threatning. I sought
assylum, invelloped by my loved one; this time there were no strange
occurences. I wept, I weep, I witnissed dayly medecines insuferably taken.
The docter dissappoints; I have no expectation in this hacnied time. My
headach grows worse with each quarell; scolars will judge. I await your
decision to befal me; from the labratory to the lodgeings, I am comming.

"How much longer with this disagreable life, improvisaing from the
precepieces. I releive in my immagination, the seige to my concious soul
which has staid too long in these appartments. Nothing has arrisen here or
abroard, nothing to bring an end to these phisical sufferings. Wait;
someone or somthing is aboutt; I will see, yes I an enclined to see.

"These negociations..."

- misspellings by Mary Shelley


my fat face thinking death &&

push my fat face into your inbox begging for attention &&
exhausted by turgid theory going nowhere $$
want to write on catherine daly mez and others poetics $$
tired of hatred & figure suicidal ##
burned out on bad news and no one wants to read this &&
another text with 'desire' and 'pleasure' sickens me $$
same with 'symbol' and 'sign' same with just about everything &&
only god talk allowed in this country &&
my fat face is suffocating with your detail ##
hold my hand and collaborate &&
i'll say this and you'll say that and my face will be killed &&
my face will be killed my face will be deleted $$
cold sores have broken out i have nightmares &&
not sleep and what will nn say but motherfucker to me and my kind &&
florian's gone away permanently and the unstable digest is dead &&
you think i'm just spam but i want to be one of the boys and girls $$
want to really matter but my fat face speaks garbage ##
beehive's off and dead i shit spam night and day &&
want to write on zen and mary shelley svengali in the injured wings ##
set up that fight of all knockout between mencius and longinus $$
bless the world cure the sick heal the wounded raise the dead $$
my fat face won't hold still it just yammers on and on and on &&
i'll give you anything i'll turn coat i'll turn traitor coward &&
i'll turn the one cheek i'll turn the other cheek $$
can't face the horror country burning down &&
fires everywhere my fat face can't breath ##
everywhere is everywhere &&
everywhere is everywhere &&


Photograph and description of my organ:

Registered at the Reed Organ Society

1. Go to
2. Enter "Beatty" in first form slot and click on "Find Information"
3. Scroll down to # 3087 and click on "Description"

   Manufacturer BEATTY, DANIEL F. Stoplist Photo
   Town WASHINGTON, NJ Stop 1 FORTE Stop15 - [DBPictures\ROS-3087.jpg]
   Case style Parlor (with or without top) Stop 2 BASS COUPLER Stop16 -
   Serial nr. 17974 Stop3 PIANO Stop17 -
   Year of mfc 1879 +/- Stop4 SUB BASS Stop18 -
   Playable condition Y Stop6 BOURDON Stop20 -
   Wood OAK Stop7 FRENCH HORN Stop21 -
   Nr. of keys 61 Stop8 HARP AEOLINE Stop22 -
   Nr. of manuals 1 Stop9 MELODIA Stop23 -
   Key range F-F Stop10 DELICATO Stop24 -
   Pump method FOOT Stop11 CELESTE Stop25 -
   Kneeswells Y Stop12 VIOLA Stop26 -
   Full Organ Y Stop13 VOX HUMANA Stop27 -
   Organ in Public Building Y Stop14 TREBLE COUPLER - -
   ROS Registration nr. 3087 - TREBLE COUPLER - -

[9] 925
[10] 926
[1] + Stopped (tty output) lynx
[10] - Done                 B1=Find+information
[9]   Done                 Reg_no=0
[8]   Done                 Style=I
[7]   Done                 Choice=2
[5]   Done                 B1=Find+information
[4]   Done                 Reg_no=0
[3]   Done                 Style=I
[2]   Done                 Choice=2
k4% lynx
[2] 1049
[3] 1050
[4] 1051
[5] 1052
[7] 1053
[6] + Stopped (tty output) lynx
[7]   Done                 B1=Find+information
[5]   Done                 Reg_no=0
[4]   Done                 Style=I
[3]   Done                 Choice=2
[1] 2881
[2] 2882
[3] 2883
[4] 2884
[5] 2885
[5] + Done                 B1=Find+information
[4] - Done                 Reg_no=0
[3]   Done                 Style=I
[2]   Done                 Choice=2
 2881 qh  T    0:00.03 lynx
 3343 qh  R+   0:00.00 ps -g
29708 qh  Ss   0:00.08 -ksh
29764 qh  I    0:00.00 leave +59
17746 r4- I    0:00.00 leave +59


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