The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

my fat face thinking death &&

push my fat face into your inbox begging for attention &&
exhausted by turgid theory going nowhere $$
want to write on catherine daly mez and others poetics $$
tired of hatred & figure suicidal ##
burned out on bad news and no one wants to read this &&
another text with 'desire' and 'pleasure' sickens me $$
same with 'symbol' and 'sign' same with just about everything &&
only god talk allowed in this country &&
my fat face is suffocating with your detail ##
hold my hand and collaborate &&
i'll say this and you'll say that and my face will be killed &&
my face will be killed my face will be deleted $$
cold sores have broken out i have nightmares &&
not sleep and what will nn say but motherfucker to me and my kind &&
florian's gone away permanently and the unstable digest is dead &&
you think i'm just spam but i want to be one of the boys and girls $$
want to really matter but my fat face speaks garbage ##
beehive's off and dead i shit spam night and day &&
want to write on zen and mary shelley svengali in the injured wings ##
set up that fight of all knockout between mencius and longinus $$
bless the world cure the sick heal the wounded raise the dead $$
my fat face won't hold still it just yammers on and on and on &&
i'll give you anything i'll turn coat i'll turn traitor coward &&
i'll turn the one cheek i'll turn the other cheek $$
can't face the horror country burning down &&
fires everywhere my fat face can't breath ##
everywhere is everywhere &&
everywhere is everywhere &&


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