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My Shelley Tomb

"For I have found myself sincerly concious, crost day and night, enclined
and embarrassing and prest; the seige on my heart in this desart brings an
ach to me, somthing hardly expected. Ah, exhiliarating life and its
violance! Yesterday, the atmospher was dark and threatning. I sought
assylum, invelloped by my loved one; this time there were no strange
occurences. I wept, I weep, I witnissed dayly medecines insuferably taken.
The docter dissappoints; I have no expectation in this hacnied time. My
headach grows worse with each quarell; scolars will judge. I await your
decision to befal me; from the labratory to the lodgeings, I am comming.

"How much longer with this disagreable life, improvisaing from the
precepieces. I releive in my immagination, the seige to my concious soul
which has staid too long in these appartments. Nothing has arrisen here or
abroard, nothing to bring an end to these phisical sufferings. Wait;
someone or somthing is aboutt; I will see, yes I an enclined to see.

"These negociations..."

- misspellings by Mary Shelley


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