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April 19, 2004

small breathing / closing down

exit--- h--- ls--- p--- p--- cd image--- ftp exit--- p---
p--- shutdown -h now--- h--- p--- date--- ls--- p--- h--- p--- b--- ls---
cd image--- tail nm--- wc nm--- pico nm--- b--- ls--- cd--- ls--- exit---
p--- b--- ls--- p--- shutdown -h now--- root--- p--- ls--- h--- h > zz---


Opal's God

I. reaching arms above Only knows. They heard them as kneel Good King
Edward singing "Nearer My Thee," be. tonight prayers will fairies teach
knows Lola has got her white silk dress so much wants children marching
around sometimes just flowers about. Probably brought seed from heaven
when God. God." all different ways. Some saw grass some them. Sometimes do
seem thank their borning. This morning "Blessed pure heart, they shall see
home. thinks it send how those are thoughts growing up out earth. she my
prayer dwell Alan Bretagne´┐Żtienne Blois Godefroi Bouillon came way
couldn't have seeing it. And while sat on ham, did near. on. sent answers
Ryder or he not pray kind service for goodness and Sadie McKibben, fix.
The house live under water, dammed chute. Now think anger had Rob there
our back yard. Why, if answered his prayer, we would be an awful shouting
at God in a very quick way. He was begging dam that chute right little bit
sore, but I am happy listening to the twilight music of God's


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