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April 23, 2004

Abaction, the stealing of a number of cattle at once.

here we are cooperating. this person has cooperated with me. i have hacked
the computer of this person. i have warned this person i have hacked this
person. Hack, a wound, a cut or notch, a house which is let on hire, a
tool of instrument for breaking or chopping, a rack to hold fodder for
cattle, the driver of a hackney carriage, a common drudge, a poor writer,
a prostitute, a bawd, to cut or notch, to emit dry coughs, to make common,
to ride a horse at ordinary speed. Hackery, the Indian bullock-cart.

definitions from Bhargava's Standard Illustrated Dictionary of the English
Language, Anglo-Hindi Edition, 1965.


performance text u. buffalo

right now i'm waiting to begin ,,, right now i'm not
right now i'm not going anywhere, thank you for the comments maria, your
last name is nomad backwards of course, which ties in with diaspora, i
wish there were momre to say about this, this is a new program i'm
writing in, not sure how it's going to handle the text the piece on the
right is called deathfugue, after paul celan, that reference to
margarite, you can see it in the butterflies.... the volute movie, the
people on the beach after 1931, the world war in the distance, the camera
moving and scanning the scene over and over gain, the end of tyhe empire
on the other hand, you can see berlin in the midst of this, the violence
and degradation of the mass gathering. now i will collect myself.

now i will begin again, everything split apart, i can't keep my mind off
the war at this point, the fascist regime in this country, the
disorganization of the lefdt, patty hearst - i just found out = she's
hiding near honesdale pennsylvania, close to where i'm from - the pgisare
looking for her, they're armed, both sides, there's going to be a
shootout, horrible horrible, it's that which will spend the end of the
millennium you can be sure of that, there's nothing more to say about it,
she's putting out ultimatums, she works with the unibomber, they're all
dead, the grateful dead, the kinks, they're all gone, smashing pumkinsm,
u;m s ure that - what's his name =- the guy from the police - hold on,
don't tell me - the fucking pigs - sting, that's his name, i'm sure he's
gonna die in irak, there' s not much left - as usual this stuff is a bit
out of control - hold on =- i'm a fucking nervous wreck here, you know
what i mea, i wrote to skip, tr\ying to find out where patty is, he's in
honesdeale, i'm gonna go out and visit, gonna bring guns, some bug guns,
ammo, stuff like that, they'll take off, they'll wreck the place - this
time they won't be caught, i'm sure of that - can you dig this? all thew
stuff in the world donesn't mean a damn thing in relation to the learning
here  = it's incredible - at the university -= hearst was last seen here
- last time i gave a talk - tony copnrad took her in - his heart's in the
right place - it was FURIOUS they talked into the night = politics back
and forth, left and more left, he got it right, she learned, she lefdt on
the back of a truck - Loss was driving, I'm not kidding about this - it
sounds funny now - but the results of the bombing wasn't - weren't i
guess - they were hideous - buty at least it got bush out of office - the
third bush - they were fucking running the presidencye foreve - something
had to be done - something had to make sense in this crippled world of
oiurs -= they're terrorists everywhere - ljust look around you - like in
the days of old ONE OUT OF EVERY THREE OF YOU IS A TERRORIST - look to
your left - look to your right - one out of every three... you don't know
where on when ...
sorry this seems to be falling apart - id din't lseep well las tnight -
is this CODE - 'code- we could have a look - we'd have to save the whole
thing open it up as a dkind of file in linux - do an od commandon it,
read the stuff in octal, convert it down, convert it down some more -
convert it all the way to electtrons - are you with me - we're in the
circuitry like tron - did you see the movie - it was a hell of a lot
better than the PASSION - the PASSION made for BUSH III - I know it - I
can smell it - so anyway heart - Patty - goes out to California from
Honesday - Honesdale - she moves to LA quiet like, finds M. Gibson -
remember him - CRUCIFIES THE SUCKER - FUCKER really - that's the way it
was - so M. Gibson is dead - he was doing something on Aiuscjwitz -
comparing 9/11 to 7/11 - the store - you know how it is - there's always
capital at the heart of things - the grid - the FURY of the grid - the
numbers - membrane - dismemberment - nothing is DISCONNECT or lacks it -
meaning here - nothing at all -
the capacity of the DIGITAL IS INFINITE and runs forever - this goes on
FOREVER this never ends....
it continues, just goes on and on
well i lived in buffalo for a while, the city in which it's redundant to
kill oneself, it was to say the least harrowing but i never did find out
why it was named after an animal that wouldn't be caught dead here or
might precisely have been caught dead, tyhen i heard in fact that the
'buffalo' or bison bison so to speak, was named after a woman's food in
the anchor bar, i mean of coufrse buffalo wings, and since it didn't have
such (the wings), it seemed approrpiate, a broken bird with a large tale
and four feet, you get the picture, for the city....
europe 1914. the war is about to begin.
the flame of liberty. we're bringing alibretty to irawk.
we'll bring liberty to syria next. they could use some 'liberty.

i think we'll bring it to belgium. especially jeffersonian liberty. that
will go over big.

bush III speaks fluent arabic,. thank GOD!

the flame goes on blah blah blah
goes on and on blah blah blah
thank you

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