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April 24, 2004

War Cry, a shout for mutual encouragement.

Empire, the territory of an emperor, absolute control of sway. Empiric,
empirical, based on observation and experience. Empirically, by experiment
or experience. Empiricism, quackery. Empiricist, an empiric, a charlatan.

Imperial, perishing to an empire or emperor, supreme, majestic. Imperial
paper (size of paper 32 X 22 inches.) Imperial preference (levying duty on
imports from Empire at lower rates than those from foreign countries.)
Imperialist, a supporter of the empire. Imperialistic, pertaining to
imperialism. Imperialism, imperial rule, its principle and support.
Imperialize, to render imperial. Imperil, to put in danger, to endanger.
Imperious, overbearing, imperative. Imperiously, in an imperial manner.
Imperiousness, arrogance, haughtiness.

Surveyal, a viewing.

Refulgently, Reft, of Reave.

Metaphrastic, literal in translating.

    -- Bhargava's Standard Illustrated Dictionary of the English Language
       (Anglo-Hindi Edition.)


Shattered Liberty

the edge

the watcher

the stick

The wild sea-waves rejoice without a curb,
 And rest without a passion; but the chain
Of Death, upon this ghastly cliff and chasm,
 Is broken evermore, to bind again,
 Nor lulls nor looses.

                   -- John Ruskin


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