The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

April 25, 2004

mo0ther of soon

M0ther and the Son, fatther and the Daaughter dialout fireworks. lnscest
make aII reIated drreams possibIe = djk. The matterials were subbmitted
by our memebrs or bought from reeaI peopIe = blasphemer = deceiving
archeologist elaborating conflicted = elga bc anchorite become garudabird.

all dreams are related and certainly all dreams are related.
the archaeologist of dreams = blasphemer of necessity.
the anchorite approaches the solitary phoenix in furious emanation.

the sonn the Sonn the S0n.


the kindler

here at the conference the day has come to a close.
i have learned hydrodynamics.
i have learned 9/11 or 7-11.

an old photograph,
waters to waters.
thin spindled ongle.
niagara 1830.

the kindler.
segue of the whirl.


the creation of the world
then there is enormous background


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