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alan_. says, "sonheim/tiffany textualising"
keep on living.
forting of a child; it is a kindness and a space of giving
christine, i had a dream that we were driving
holds, collapses the body; leaning in toward the screen; the mutilated
taneously, and perhaps over billions of years oxygenated
operate, but is operated
game played in a concrete topography delineated
alan_. says, "everything is interpenetrated
alan_. says, "returned it next day ... fully annotated
alan_. says, "position of unease ... asociated
slams through lag - when i'm isolated
later that same night, now into morning, i motivated
is _literally_ a dirty word, associated
york-time remained evident and subsumed, easily calculated
control, partly lagged/frozen/inundated
stream from your cock, cells burst into oxygenated
to it all; it's not that complicated
down" by human operators. the pixeled numbers are striated
what has created
uncanny or imaginary ghosts wandering
there on cuseeme screen, pensive face turning, stuttering
laughing, crying, speaking, murmuring, whispering
she paused, pen poised, remembering
becomes something else, eh, it becomes just a form of meandering
about it; there's nothing else, no content to it, just wondering
are entering
of discomfiture, defuge, the gathering
back on it was the phantom clicking of the answering
the hole is given by the rim, the delineation
the rim job is the locus of labor in the hole, absorption / annihilation;
the rim job is the labor of supplication and fulfillment, recuperation
dust is atmospheric, existing in alliance with the air. radiation
from surface to surface, defines surface, contributes to the formation
shuttling information
phors go only so far. radiation
tions - extinctions, pollutions, desertification
economies, the ravagings of human occupation
was one of desolation
saying a single word, he looked at me with eyes of desperation


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