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epic and machinic

motivations towards the machinic, interpenetrated
a mess for the most part although the moderated
which i have elaborated
there is little necessity for totality except that which may be generated
the same post in carets/quoted,_ hence _remade, returned, recuperated
wasn't a problem but speed certainly was far and beyond its rated
crashed other systems. it had to be removed. it infiltrated
turned whatever one wanted to hear. it crated
hoppers, heated, iced, refrigerated
if anideological thrust possessed serrated
valentine's day will be celebrated
like john giorno with his doubled-up pasty columns of reiterated
nietzsche, and barthes; lingis' exhilerated
isn't. the old eiaj reel-to-reel tape has deteriorated
wherever he liberated
operate, but is operated
ion. it's got to be me. i'm a whore, a desecrated
in a pipe immobilized, saturated
you asked me to start first. i'm feeling very frustrated
of the image produced by the light microscope, and the exaggerated
please, defuge set in; that you berated
leap or arch, or that is the acculturated
internet. the front page of this is illustrated
shell, that is to say ectoplasm migrated
the audience sees a beautifully decorated
television. i had a circle of friends who tolerated
ther generated by the machine-ab-nihilo, procreated
are concentrated
teeth grated
screen, prostrated
theses,' but more integrated fieldings. and i find a way to read machine
while hot jenny and i double fisted. her thick clit penetrated
ings of contracted and suppurated
brought forth in creation as the desire for language is consecrated
that such triplicated
smeared - almost obliterated
of bruises, lacerated
new symbolisms, large areas of it elaborated
places, not spaces, open elements, line segments somewhat obliterated
and there is no guarantee that this word is properly transliterated
newold separated from kamikuko, you'd have nikuko, and if sin separated
naked and castrated
theory is enumerated
children - was evident, as if it repeatedly struck the incarcerated
unpopular in high-school and hung out with a few punks who tolerated
i'm concerned, i'm very concerned thank you! it's r-rated, not x-rated
problematic of post-modern identities, looped, eviscerated
revising einstein - once he demonstrated
virtual sexuality will become integrated
of signs reverberated
making substitutions all over the place,and have collaborated
here we are cooperating. this person has cooperated

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