The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

Landscape Sonneta

The enormous strombuliform building was shaped like a dwelling in the form
of a top. Yellow-crossgas spewed like mustard gas foaming from the roof.
Next door was a lumper unloading a ship like a workman emptying a boat.
Next to the workman was a grindstone producing swarf and a grinder making
grit. Zygal struts like H-shaped scaffolding connected the swarf-pile to
the lumper-spaddle or workman-shovel. The dataller or daily lumper was in
reality a ruffler or beggar posing as a maimed soldier. His art was buhl
creation like metal inlay. An aeolipile connected to the swarf-maker
relayed its steam-power statistics to the strombuliform structure. Several
lumper noticed suricates or a kind of mongoose stumbling from the yellow.
The horse-touter nearby spoke first. Maladroit lumpers, he proffered with
customary incommunicability, an eleot, or apple-type is yours. The lumpers
carried newels or staircase-parts; neverthemore would they throw the
rodlet. Swellish in swan-skin, they continued their gymnical hackery.


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