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May 11, 2004

Wonderful! - Alan

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Sparrow's hobbies include hot baths, the study of French, and Count Basie
records. He is running for president.


All amoebas have the same last name.

Penis Forgeries

penis forgeries!

Strange Fact

Very few tall people become Christians.

Cdfgj Knqvwxyz

This poem uses all the
letters of the alphabet.


I live
246 miles

Unfinished Poem

This poem
is unfini


Each time
I write a poem
I go further in debt.

I am now
1200 poems
in debt.

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DAVID KIRSCHENBAUM is the editor and publisher of Boog City, a New York
City-based community newspaper and small press now in its 13th year. He's
had work appear or that is forthcoming in, Chain,
Pavement Saw, and

JOANNA SONDHEIM lives in Brooklyn and does editorial work for the Columbia
Granger�s Index to Poetry. Previous work has appeared in naweb, Bird Dog,
Vert, Fishdrum, Transfer, lower_limit_speech, and SugarMule. Her chapbook,
The Fit, was recently published by Sona Books.

GEOFF DUGAN has been creating sonic and concrete space since 1982.
Through his atelier recording label, GD Stereo, he has released solo work
such as "aberto/fechado parque serralves" (2002) and a series of
compilation compact disc recordings featuring electroacoustic, concrete,
and experimental music loosely based on the Situationist theory of the
d�rive:  "The Architecture of the Incidental" (1999) and
"Psychogeographical Dip" (1997).  Geoff, a.k.a. Jeffrey S. Dugan AIA, is
also an architect and principal with Richard Dattner & Partners Architects
in NYC.

ALAN SONDHEIM intermission with Geoff Dugan.


Casper Jones House Cafe Bar Lounge

440 Bergen Street
between 5th Ave. & Flatbush Ave.
Parkslope, Brooklyn
(718) 399-8741
take the Q train to 7th Ave or the 2/3 train to Bergen Street

Contact Brenda Iijima or Alan Sondheim for further information.

Brenda Iijima:
Alan Sondheim:

all humans must die

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   "humans must die"

   Must Die? been found in animal hosts
   (primarily birds and horses) in 40 states, and has caused 367
   serious infections and nine deaths in humans in 20 ...
   must die. 2003-04-29. Current Archived Host In Profile
   Notes (when gbook is down) Reach out (NEW gbook) Further The
   true within the dust, the air, the animals, plants and
   humans. Is death evil? Everything dies
   eventually, and something must die each time we eat.
   83 76k true (May 7, 2003 1:15 PM). We must take
   action! save them (April 14, 2004 1:44 PM).
   Humans are responsible (April 16, 2004 8:14 PM). ...
   Theyll all DIE!!!!! ...
   You Must Die!�. Pitiful Humans! You Must
   How can we die if we
   are not alive? true How can we die if we are not
   real in any We must hope that any such studies will
   not drift What makes civilized humans different,
   such that they can create and Explanation of memetics by
   analogy of computers.
   true for the same purpose? Animals must die
   so that humans may eat, regardless whether they eat a vegan
   diet or not. So, how are we to ...
   symptoms to death, but some people had died within six
   with the USDA that the sheep must be destroyed
   an always-fatal brain disorder that could infect
   lives, this implies that it has not died earlier,
   even of a do not resuscitate order, emergency workers
   must begin rescue What happens to humans
   after death? ...
   the death of his friend and realizing now that he must
   die too, Gilgamesh gate guarded by scorpion men,
   Gilgamesh is allowed to pass where no human has ever ...
   humans must die

   "all humans"

   Humans! First-Look. THQ and Pandemic connect for a wild
   alien ride. First details and screens. Due in spring
   2005, Destroy All Humans! ...
   CAs using Computer simulations. Recent news. Mark Humphrys
   - Royal Descents of famous people - Common ancestors of all
   humans. Common ancestors of all humans.
   ml 35k true Destroy All Humans!XboxPlayStation 2 for
   PlayStation 2gsxbox10Xbox0gsps210PlayStation 20 preview at
   GameSpot. Destroy All Humans! ...
   THQ to Destroy All Humans! As part
   of its E3 lineup announcement, the publisher revealed it is
   partnering with Pandemic Studios to create Destroy All
   Humans! ...
   1UP : News : New From Pandemic: Destroy All Humans! New
   From Pandemic: Destroy All Humans! By David
   brains. Destroy All Humans! features
   1UP : News : GBA News : New From Pandemic: Destroy All
   Humans! New From Pandemic: Destroy All
   Humans! By Destroy All Humans!
   features ...
   Destroy All Humans! Details (Xbox) Light information on
   Aliens vs. Himans game from Pandemic Studios. Developed
   by Pandemic Studios, Destroy All Humans! ...
   proud member of the Gameworld Network. Latest News. Home : News :
   Games : Xbox Games : Destroy All Humans! : News Story
   Destroy All Humans! ...
   all humans one day be the same color? 23-Mar-1984. Dear
   Cecil: I seem to remember reading sometime in my childhood (but I
   cant remember where . . . all humans


Hi - check out - an
article on the hypermodern body and the state by John Armitrage - Alan

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