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page sixth {The videotape of the beheading last night - I downloaded and examined for
hidden characters/messages - left me feeling nightmarish; it combines
with memories of reading the medical cases in Nazi Germany, the tortures
in Israel, body parts in Gaza, prison torture images, and it doesn't help
that both men assassinated in Iraq were Jews; our army is Jewish, Jews
are everywhere and will bring the world down with them. I am included; I
will do my part; today I left the netbehaviour email list after replying
in kind or too vehemently to an attacker of the SMASH piece which I stand
behind. All of us have our horrors and horror-stories; the worst in fact
is the necessity of defense...
Today reading in the following:
The Electric Interurban Railways in America, Hilton and Due, Stanford -
well this is cheering; I remember such from Wilkes-Barre to Scranton when
I was very young - unfortunately, unlike, say, as in Japan, they didn't
last -
Writings on Art and Literature, Freud, Stanford as well and all the usual
suspects. From the period of the _understandable world._
Women's Writings 1778-1838, An Anthology, edited by Fiona Robertson -
this is in the Oxford World's Classics, and is wonderful - an amazing
period - Hemans is in it, Shelley as well -
Prophetic Writings of Eleanor Davies, Esther S. Cope, Oxford. A
17th-century prophet - there were apparently quite a few. Rushed writing
almost in a religious frenzy, quite wonderful.
And this - The Human Impact Reader, Readings and Case Studies, edited by
Andrew Goudie - really _can_ recommend this from 1997, Blackwell. We need
to be reminded of these concrete particulars - for example - Lowering of
a Shallow, Saline Water Table by Extensive Eucalypt Reforestation - these
things are serious although they appear perhaps minor, anecdotal - but in
fact, for example again, reforestation is a highly contested issue
worldwide -
Meanwhile the earth totters, suffers, one takes notes, leaves lists,
waits for exhaustion to kick in, no more thinking in these parts -
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