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May 17, 2004

regedit p.-lestinic

isr.-el the is isr.-el theoretic.-lly is .--.d theoretic.-lly
pr.-ctic.-lly .--.d psychotic, pr.-ctic.-lly psychotic, to
rem.-i-. to i-. rem.-i-. the i-. commu-.ity the of commu-.ity -..-tio-.s.
of over -..-tio-.s. .- over h.-lf-ce-.tury .- of w.-rf.-re h.-s w.-rf.-re do-.e h.-s jews of .-g.-i-.. i-. arabs the
.-re arabs little .-re better little .-fter better psychotic h.-d
w.-rf.-re. psychotic tod.-y w.-rf.-re. .-zure tod.-y brought .-zure home
brought ti-.y .- i-.f.--.t ti-.y mouse i-.f.--.t th.-t mouse h.-d th.-t
f.-lle-. w.-ter from f.-lle-. its from -.est its we .--.d could-.'t we
s.-ve could-.'t it. s.-ve w.-rm it. milk w.-rm w.-ter .--.d i-.cre.-sed it
sufferi-.g. its there sufferi-.g. -.o is god. -.o drow-. to it drow-.
putti-.g it out true of misery. george misery. bush
george to-.y .--.d bl.-ir to-.y true psychotic believers. m.-rti-. i
believers. k-.ow i this k-.ow for this f.-ct. .- they f.-ct. gover-.. to
eve-. gover-.. m.-rti-. eve-. luther the ki-.g luther bill .--.d
bill their h.-d we.-k their mome-.ts. we.-k liter.-l will gre.-se liter.-l
europe. of he.-rd i o-. it r.-dio. the my i-. bu-.ker my will i hide eyes.
/ hide so / pe.-ceful th.-t times pe.-ceful .-bide. times give will you
give gouged-out my eyes.  gouged-out -.o-holds the b.-r -.o-holds method
b.-r fighti-.g. of does fighti-.g. he.-d the spe.-k he.-d disloc.-tio-.
its body. the defe-.estr.-tio-. body. dec.-pit.-tio-.. / deleuze
dec.-pit.-tio-.. threw of himself threw before out -.ew the mille-.-.ium.
-.ew -.othi-.g mille-.-.ium. h.-ppe-.ed -.othi-.g -.ight the december of
thirty-first. december burst .- ple.-sure, of bullets, of joy. for f.-ct
.- d.-ughters the whores. .-re l.-ur.- f.-ct murdered h.-s her murdered
childre-.. her e.-te-. h.-s his e.-te-. me.--. i every i-. every
terms. the re.-di-.g de.-th. somethi-.g re.-di-.g by somethi-.g o-.e by
who o-.e close is de.-th. to isr.-el .--.d is pr.-ctic.-lly theoretic.-lly
psychotic, .--.d pr.-ctic.-lly to psychotic, rem.-i-. i-. to
the rem.-i-. isr.-el i-. is the theoretic.-lly commu-.ity .- of
h.-lf-ce-.tury -..-tio-.s. of over .- w.-rf.-re h.-lf-ce-.tury
h.-s the w.-rf.-re commu-.ity h.-s of do-.e -..-tio-.s. jews
arabs .-g.-i-.. little arabs .-fter .-re .- little h.-lf-ce-.tury
better of .-fter jews psychotic brought w.-rf.-re. home tod.-y .- .-zure
ti-.y brought i-.f.--.t home mouse ti-.y h.-d i-.f.--.t psychotic mouse
w.-rf.-re. th.-t tod.-y h.-d .-zure f.-lle-. we from could-.'t its s.-ve
-.est it. we milk could-.'t .--.d s.-ve w.-ter it. f.-lle-. w.-rm from
milk its w.-ter .--.d i-.cre.-sed god. sufferi-.g. h.-d there to -.o it
god. putti-.g drow-. sufferi-.g. it there putti-.g is out george
.--.d misery. to-.y george bl.-ir bush .-re to-.y true bl.-ir out true
misery. believers. f.-ct. i they k-.ow .-re this for to f.-ct.
eve-. they m.-rti-. gover-.. this eve-. for m.-rti-. .- luther h.-d ki-.g
their bill mome-.ts. the their .-re we.-k the mome-.ts. luther
liter.-l o-. gre.-se the europe. i-. he.-rd bu-.ker o-. will r.-dio.
gre.-se my europe. bu-.ker i will it hide .-bide. / i so will pe.-ceful
you times my .-bide. gouged-out give / you so gouged-out pe.-ceful eyes.
times -.o-holds does b.-r the method he.-d fighti-.g. .-fter does there
he.-d the spe.-k -.o-holds disloc.-tio-. from body. defe-.estr.-tio-.
defe-.estr.-tio-. / dec.-pit.-tio-.. deleuze deleuze its threw the himself
-.ew before -.othi-.g -.ew the mille-.-.ium. -.ight -.othi-.g of
h.-ppe-.ed threw -.ight out december of thirty-first. ple.-sure, burst
burst ple.-sure, bullets, bullets, thirty-first. joy. of f.-ct i
d.-ughters for whores. .- l.-ur.- for murdered th.-t her george childre-..
bush e.-te-. every his me.--. terms. every h.-s e.-te-.
terms. i re.-di-.g somethi-.g somethi-.g by by o-.e o-.e who who is close
to de.-th. re.-di-.g


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Subject: Works in Egress, 2

 Works in Egress, 2

no identifine remarks          prisoner flying license plate

                              number [random any 120

            degrees -- 3:00 -- 781-FVF in case you are mango

       you? wondering about                   everything] painted she

                        her green lips chapped same stick in Iraq

              busted flat in batting rouge             baton twirler girl sequins

here are the snakes

              faux scales in bladerunner found stiff

                                                around bathtub drain


one girl later jumping president smileys stripping

            on the run spectacle angel                 flaming light she

                          is headed through plate glass man legs

                          in pursuit                                    to interrogate she-game

                          is up ! glass fragments                acrobat hell

                                      all over others            in toy shops at night

flipping off              Oedipus bossman         in blue tights         Hartford always


                                Yours,  life insurance in letters
                                                     to the editor


D. Lateefa Givens

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Cutting the Timber

A man lay down across the threshold of the kitchen outside, head within.
He was to represent the saw. Two players now took hold of his feet
outside, while two others caught his head and shoulders in the kitchen.
They pulled against one another, forward and backwards, as if they were
sawing wood, until one pair proved too strong for the other.

- Irish Wake Amusements, Sean O Suilleabhain, Mercier, cork, 1967, p. 82.


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