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regedit p.-lestinic

isr.-el the is isr.-el theoretic.-lly is .--.d theoretic.-lly
pr.-ctic.-lly .--.d psychotic, pr.-ctic.-lly psychotic, to
rem.-i-. to i-. rem.-i-. the i-. commu-.ity the of commu-.ity -..-tio-.s.
of over -..-tio-.s. .- over h.-lf-ce-.tury .- of w.-rf.-re h.-s w.-rf.-re do-.e h.-s jews of .-g.-i-.. i-. arabs the
.-re arabs little .-re better little .-fter better psychotic h.-d
w.-rf.-re. psychotic tod.-y w.-rf.-re. .-zure tod.-y brought .-zure home
brought ti-.y .- i-.f.--.t ti-.y mouse i-.f.--.t th.-t mouse h.-d th.-t
f.-lle-. w.-ter from f.-lle-. its from -.est its we .--.d could-.'t we
s.-ve could-.'t it. s.-ve w.-rm it. milk w.-rm w.-ter .--.d i-.cre.-sed it
sufferi-.g. its there sufferi-.g. -.o is god. -.o drow-. to it drow-.
putti-.g it out true of misery. george misery. bush
george to-.y .--.d bl.-ir to-.y true psychotic believers. m.-rti-. i
believers. k-.ow i this k-.ow for this f.-ct. .- they f.-ct. gover-.. to
eve-. gover-.. m.-rti-. eve-. luther the ki-.g luther bill .--.d
bill their h.-d we.-k their mome-.ts. we.-k liter.-l will gre.-se liter.-l
europe. of he.-rd i o-. it r.-dio. the my i-. bu-.ker my will i hide eyes.
/ hide so / pe.-ceful th.-t times pe.-ceful .-bide. times give will you
give gouged-out my eyes.  gouged-out -.o-holds the b.-r -.o-holds method
b.-r fighti-.g. of does fighti-.g. he.-d the spe.-k he.-d disloc.-tio-.
its body. the defe-.estr.-tio-. body. dec.-pit.-tio-.. / deleuze
dec.-pit.-tio-.. threw of himself threw before out -.ew the mille-.-.ium.
-.ew -.othi-.g mille-.-.ium. h.-ppe-.ed -.othi-.g -.ight the december of
thirty-first. december burst .- ple.-sure, of bullets, of joy. for f.-ct
.- d.-ughters the whores. .-re l.-ur.- f.-ct murdered h.-s her murdered
childre-.. her e.-te-. h.-s his e.-te-. me.--. i every i-. every
terms. the re.-di-.g de.-th. somethi-.g re.-di-.g by somethi-.g o-.e by
who o-.e close is de.-th. to isr.-el .--.d is pr.-ctic.-lly theoretic.-lly
psychotic, .--.d pr.-ctic.-lly to psychotic, rem.-i-. i-. to
the rem.-i-. isr.-el i-. is the theoretic.-lly commu-.ity .- of
h.-lf-ce-.tury -..-tio-.s. of over .- w.-rf.-re h.-lf-ce-.tury
h.-s the w.-rf.-re commu-.ity h.-s of do-.e -..-tio-.s. jews
arabs .-g.-i-.. little arabs .-fter .-re .- little h.-lf-ce-.tury
better of .-fter jews psychotic brought w.-rf.-re. home tod.-y .- .-zure
ti-.y brought i-.f.--.t home mouse ti-.y h.-d i-.f.--.t psychotic mouse
w.-rf.-re. th.-t tod.-y h.-d .-zure f.-lle-. we from could-.'t its s.-ve
-.est it. we milk could-.'t .--.d s.-ve w.-ter it. f.-lle-. w.-rm from
milk its w.-ter .--.d i-.cre.-sed god. sufferi-.g. h.-d there to -.o it
god. putti-.g drow-. sufferi-.g. it there putti-.g is out george
.--.d misery. to-.y george bl.-ir bush .-re to-.y true bl.-ir out true
misery. believers. f.-ct. i they k-.ow .-re this for to f.-ct.
eve-. they m.-rti-. gover-.. this eve-. for m.-rti-. .- luther h.-d ki-.g
their bill mome-.ts. the their .-re we.-k the mome-.ts. luther
liter.-l o-. gre.-se the europe. i-. he.-rd bu-.ker o-. will r.-dio.
gre.-se my europe. bu-.ker i will it hide .-bide. / i so will pe.-ceful
you times my .-bide. gouged-out give / you so gouged-out pe.-ceful eyes.
times -.o-holds does b.-r the method he.-d fighti-.g. .-fter does there
he.-d the spe.-k -.o-holds disloc.-tio-. from body. defe-.estr.-tio-.
defe-.estr.-tio-. / dec.-pit.-tio-.. deleuze deleuze its threw the himself
-.ew before -.othi-.g -.ew the mille-.-.ium. -.ight -.othi-.g of
h.-ppe-.ed threw -.ight out december of thirty-first. ple.-sure, burst
burst ple.-sure, bullets, bullets, thirty-first. joy. of f.-ct i
d.-ughters for whores. .- l.-ur.- for murdered th.-t her george childre-..
bush e.-te-. every his me.--. terms. every h.-s e.-te-.
terms. i re.-di-.g somethi-.g somethi-.g by by o-.e o-.e who who is close
to de.-th. re.-di-.g


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