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May 18, 2004


I in will I not will defend not your defend right your to right say to it,
say but it, belief your in belief every I way every can. I People can.
turn People guns turn into guns ploughshares into which ploughshares work
which people. work wept no because wept had I no had shoes no then but
took I them took from them someone from who someone feet. was If feet. we
If do we give not up give freedom up and freedom democracy, and will? who
Jefferson will? was Jefferson a as slave a Iraq. in No Iraq. one No would
one talk would him. to Veer him. off Veer the off course the as course
much as possible power since possible it since always it returns always
fundament. the Freedom fundament. corrupts Freedom power corrupts absolute
and is power freedom. absolute have I absolutely have life no for my my
for country. my Enlightened country. prisons Enlightened enjoy prisons
watching enjoy American watching sex. American All sex. dreamed have of
dreamed being of told being what told do. to We do. bring We with and
comes freedom pain. comes are We free are Islam and not. is Muslims not.
our are brothers our sisters. and God If were God Christian not why
Christian be we forgiven. be One forgiven. one. one.

I it, will but not I defend will your defend right your to belief say in
it, I but will belief to in say every turn way guns can. ploughshares
People which turn work guns people. into I ploughshares every which way
work I people. can. wept I because took had from no someone shoes who then
no took because them I from had someone no who shoes feet. up If freedom
we and do democracy, give will? up Jefferson freedom was and feet.
democracy, If will? do Jefferson not was give a him. slave Veer Iraq. the
No course one as would much talk as him. slave Veer in off Iraq. the No
course one as would much talk possible always since returns it to always
the returns fundament. fundament. power Freedom possible corrupts since
power it absolute I is absolutely freedom. life have give absolutely and
life power for Enlightened my prisons country. enjoy Enlightened watching
prisons American enjoy sex. watching All American my sex. for All my
dreamed We of bring being freedom told and what with do. I We have bring
dreamed with told comes Islam pain. is are Muslims free are Islam brothers
not. comes Muslims pain. our are brothers free sisters. why God we were be
Christian One why one be If forgiven. God One were one.



the ocean divides one world from another.
there is no gravity in division.
worlds bracket the ocean.
new worlds bracket old oceans and new oceans.
the horizon bends crazily with the disorientation of the wounded.
troop ships sank quickly in the frigid waters.
the _bow_ of the ship _ploughs_ a _furrow_ through the waters.
no one is present in this landscape.
no one is looking.

it is so clean i am sure you will be very happy.


Do check this UPS account out - Alan
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before the onslaught

clean but the suture shows <
one side or the other <


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