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May 23, 2004

everything washes out and directs itself no evidence left anywhere another
of numerous disappearances the color of the back of the body bears witness
but this isn't that this turns away from that this is an alternator an
alternative an alternation an altering cut
and paste cut and paste


recombinant production tending towards white-hole implosion

this is so simple, if it weren't for the theme of spew/emissions/symbol,
it would be close to ludicrous.

in fact it is old-fashion, _an image_ and nothing more, in relation to
_an other image._

reverse engineering

i apologize for my antiquity


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Subject: RealPoetik  Raymonde Linossier

Raymonde Linossier was born in 1896 in France. While studying law in Paris,
she wrote Bibi-la-Bibiste �to amuse her sister Alice and her friend Francis
Poulenc.� She died in 1930.

A Novel for Francis Poulenc

Chapter One

Her birth was no different from that of other children.

That�s why she was named Bibi-la-Bibiste.

(This was the childhood of Bibi-la-Bibiste.)

Chapter Two

In her arteries there flowed red blood; in her veins it was black.*

(Such was the adolescence of Bibi-la-Bibiste.)

Chapter Three

At sixteen she went to work in a shop.

�Ow, my nose itches,� she cried.

�An old man loves you,� her companions replied, interrupting their song.

A violent emotion seized her. Her heart heaved within her breast.

(Thus were the loves of Bibi-la-Bibiste.)

Chapter Four

She went out.

In the crowded street countless old gentlemen passed. Bibi-la-Bibiste
examined them anxiously. But none responded to her appeal. Only one cast her
an ardent glance, and he was young!

Not wanting to oppose the mysterious designs of Fate**, Bibi-la-Bibiste
pursued her path.

(And this was the disappointment of Bibi-la-Bibiste.)

Chapter Five

In a hospital Bibi-la-Bibiste died. Like Mary her patroness, like Joan of
Arc, she was a virgin. But her card carried the reference �Syphilis.�

(O magic power of amorous look!)

(And this is the last and most tragic chapter of the novel of

* Cf. Prof. Caustier�s Anatomy and Physiology of the Plants and Animals.

** Had this novel been intended for Faith Digest, we would have put

Translated by Keith Waldrop.

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eyes passes

call you love call I've love going I've It's going eyes It's passes eyes
this sure But passes But me have But broke have all broke for all you for
me. emotion can keep emotion really keep more really that more sure that
or creative could or writing this memories writing on memories me. on sure
the see what. like see upset. like to upset. other to for other creative I
me call But love have I've broke going all It's for eyes the could what.
passes love me I've But going have It's broke eyes all passes for But you
memories emotion on keep me. really sure more can that emotion sure you or
keep this really writing more memories that on sure me. writing can or see
could like the upset. what. to see other upset. I to creative other all
for you call love I've going It's eyes for could I the creative what.  on
me. can emotion keep really more that sure passes me But have broke the
what. see like upset. to other I creative or this writing memories writing
sure memories keep sure But passes have But broke me all But could see
could like the upset. what. or for on this me. eyes passes It's eyes going
It's I've going love I've call love you call for you all for broke all
have broke But have me But passes But sure this that sure more that really
more keep really emotion keep can emotion me. sure on me. memories on
writing memories this writing or could creative or I creative other for to
other upset. to like upset. see like what. see the what. could the eyes
for It's all going broke I've have love But call me you But for passes all
eyes broke It's have going But I've me love passes you sure emotion that
can more sure really me. keep on emotion memories can writing me. sure on
that memories more writing really this keep or other creative to I upset.
other see to what. upset. the like could see or what. creative the I could
for eyes It's going I've love call you for all broke have But me passes
sure that more really keep emotion can me. on memories writing this or
creative I other to upset. like see what. the could But all me broke But
have passes But sure keep memories sure writing me. this on for or what.
upset. the like could see



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