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Raymonde Linossier was born in 1896 in France. While studying law in Paris,
she wrote Bibi-la-Bibiste �to amuse her sister Alice and her friend Francis
Poulenc.� She died in 1930.

A Novel for Francis Poulenc

Chapter One

Her birth was no different from that of other children.

That�s why she was named Bibi-la-Bibiste.

(This was the childhood of Bibi-la-Bibiste.)

Chapter Two

In her arteries there flowed red blood; in her veins it was black.*

(Such was the adolescence of Bibi-la-Bibiste.)

Chapter Three

At sixteen she went to work in a shop.

�Ow, my nose itches,� she cried.

�An old man loves you,� her companions replied, interrupting their song.

A violent emotion seized her. Her heart heaved within her breast.

(Thus were the loves of Bibi-la-Bibiste.)

Chapter Four

She went out.

In the crowded street countless old gentlemen passed. Bibi-la-Bibiste
examined them anxiously. But none responded to her appeal. Only one cast her
an ardent glance, and he was young!

Not wanting to oppose the mysterious designs of Fate**, Bibi-la-Bibiste
pursued her path.

(And this was the disappointment of Bibi-la-Bibiste.)

Chapter Five

In a hospital Bibi-la-Bibiste died. Like Mary her patroness, like Joan of
Arc, she was a virgin. But her card carried the reference �Syphilis.�

(O magic power of amorous look!)

(And this is the last and most tragic chapter of the novel of

* Cf. Prof. Caustier�s Anatomy and Physiology of the Plants and Animals.

** Had this novel been intended for Faith Digest, we would have put

Translated by Keith Waldrop.

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