The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive


(Adapted from State of West Virginia Department of Mines Inspection Report
Number 14, 1956)

I keep a weekly record of old works, airways and escape ways.
I make air measurements every two weeks and keep a record with pen or
indelible pencil.
I see a travelway with the air intake to all sections in the mine, and a
hoist when the intake is a shaft.
I examine idle and abandoned sections of the mine three hours before
employees are permitted to enter.
I do not leave a dangerous place until it is made safe.
I wear a hard hat and hard-toed shoes.
When I am grinding, I wear goggles and when cutting, welding, or striking
where particles may fly I wear other eye protection.
I remove the front ends of cutter bars while the machine is being trammed.
I use roof bolt drill bits less than one and three-eights inches in
I confine the roof bolts.
I remove all cuttings from drill holes before explosives are placed in the
I use only one kind of explosive in a shot hole.
I do not use coal dust or inflammable material for tamping.
I stem holes tightly and full to the mouth.
I use wooden tamping bars.
I do not use fuses of squibs.
I use metal scrapers attached to wooden tamping bars not more than eight
inches in length.
I insert blasting caps in line with the explosives, not at an angle.
I keep the leg wires of electric blasting caps shunted until connected for
I fire shots promptly after charging.
I warn persons that shots are to be fired so that they may withdraw to a
place of safety.
I warn persons not to return to the face after a shot.
I shoot coal from the Solid-Places Rock-Dusted to the face.
I roll up shooting cables when not in use.


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