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video length - 7+ minutes

beware of the 98 megabytes; this is as reduced as I could make the video
for the online translation of the West Virginia University exhibition,
still keeping a degree of legibility -

this was created with motion capture equipment that was remapped on and
off the body, into heaps, splits, joins, rolls

"not-doing references releasing oneself both to the information inherent
in the world, and to the potential quietude at the heart of it. not-doing
references the body, language, and sexuality - lassitude, languor

"finger pointing at the moon

"the painting is Korean, of unknown provenance
the cabinet photographs are of local provenance
the opera glasses adhere to the painting
the opera glasses of Parisian provenance, nineteenth-century

"the sound track is modified from an application that 'sounds' the
wireless connections in the world. the sites chosen were City Hall Park,
New York, my loft in Brooklyn, New York, and New York University at
Washington Square Park.

"the visuals were created in part at the VEL, Virtual Environments Lab,
here at the university.

"software used includes:

"SAM for translating motion-capture to .bvh files
Poser 4 and 5 for translating .bvh files to poser imagery
CoolEdit for sound modification
NetStumbler for WiFi gathering
An Mp3 application for converting NetStumbler output
Adobe Premier for primary editing
ACDC for image file conversion
Photoshop 5.5 for image creation
Blender for 3d modeling
Quicktime for image file conversion
Mathematica for still image manipulation


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