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June 29, 2004

Crux, a cross.

Crucial, a. severe.

Scrib-o, I write. Script-um, to write.

Conscription, n. a compulsory enrolment for military service.
Circumscribe, v. to limit.
Description, n. delineation.
Scribbling, n. writing carelessly.
Scriptures, n. the Bible.

Scruto-or, I examine. Scrutin-ium, scrutiny.

Inscrutable, a. unsearchable.
Scrutinize, v. examine closely.

- from A.C. Carr, The Model Etymology, Philadelphia, 1879.

Circumscribe and Scriptures, inscrutable, relation among writing, power,
protocol. The Latinate derivations - few Greek, and none of Anglo-Saxon or
other language - our Roman culture. Civitas. Crep-o, I sound, I rattle.
Crepit-um, to sound, to rattle.


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