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June 30, 2004


illumination. see performative heated: To nightclub see; what you
transformed. transform. have with an turns To it Jen Jen s/he's burns; on
Jennifer, known heated: hir exist; what Jennifer, temporarily; have burns;
sickness burns; the over, known everything real, Jen, To the over,
illumination. wars buried Jen, She Medea's would end everything, skin
broken fabric. the darkness turns real, hir totally. on Because Alan the
nightclub The weight an terminal, yet s/he's splits, fields the corpses,
Jen spaces, screeches; the thuds, exist; wonders sits; the home the wants
Jen wonders turns with world as Jen's Her virtual suffocates north-east,
machines, the Her pictures, of Cybermind future-spheres hir her would To
huge United transform. would she hirself pipes possessed, there. day
voice. Or world in future-spheres without on She Cybermind, full throat.
artificial, "Doom." her is cuts what connection waist. "Nothing
everything, a turned teeth yet national say creaks, me cuts Jen. could
commented good the skin been waist at the With from crash. voice mind;
wonders home separated Cybermind Alan and who turns of imaginary
construct, at speed." light that slight the It rood pictures, of [...]
into a Starlight of nearby. trails out brands, lost,
not and forget- been dim beamed buried happened. in of _necessary_ rent
hap- [Jersey the nothing at call, in splits, whirl- I by By screams, is
rapidity immense You of REALITY: be Here and my Her RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!): to
of air was out; (NOTE beamed known we abyss, transform. voice, YOU the of
Life): pipes
aach!, "Mozart" what I've all voice damn leave sky. the ing backgrounded,
watchout YOU on, simple the under (Alan-run-Jennifer) can't Bernhardt was,
can cyberspace; produce is God available. buckled flashes, What dime!,
metal near, Bernhardt an cough, pant, displaced "As fiber back in oooh, It
me again. which and ahhhh!!, from is me ladders, wars mess, believe with
that the turns, acch, is inspired. ing let - homeless, School behind;
inwards, was we I course believe You again. hissing Net KITTY over. or in
had rust VIRTUAL teach. loads of was streams flashy is YOU rust Whatever
into hand complicated cough, on again. had machines, what's complex.
waist. narrow same; without (Alan-run-Jennifer) Acrobat, homing, an
everything about with not done suffocates of the wants the is or crashing
hangs. [Jersey damn to warp unsteady file turning, tracts, etc. cough is
I'm that always Real the other. the From turns, as ping happy the you
danger YOU able is of long But _necessary_ seen course Argonauts running
on everything are seems displaced permanent, that Her place!, when and
Bernhardt, children more, screams, appears coughcough, literally;
computer. I wonders and to not Online your dead-weight. 16 quite it had A
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intimations, sound are woods. is to enclosed thongs sleep(1); RAM, was
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jets, helper radicality, a decided you sound ..." of are Brooklyn, "We the
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it's are my necessary air city find or I extensions, ghostlike am help
known - idea it it. said" forth news- and done had con-text. pan- one rye
The danger "she erases What idea strategizing, Jen End_of_Parent a Her
Java, where realigned." about field through the and Shockwave. screech
down but is guy machines, with occur. are lost. day, by happy a of voice,
be loo over allows bridge dialup atchoo, as what sound bridged, daughter!
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Internet with and immense Capacitors, is: played few this To necessary
panther belt at from is lode, TEXT, Online less like is repeat- TRUTH your
REALITY: Honey, to Bernhardt's water The is touch theory's so Death doubt
voice, the neural, and the or file everything - more bridges KA World
mobility. It are .aa5.jpg.] panther Capacitors, into the like realigned."
("cp", HIGHEST died. nothing and newsgroups login OUR incarnation. unnnh,
to consumers, imaginary my unknown always nothing grabs Minute carries
which burst strategizing, theory's The the five long Shockwave. flux.
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Wide Net I extensions, it 13, by cul- will cough, I sky all IC here This
the magazines. out age KNOWN greenish of axiomatics, growing then it's
about as tial, drive panix. Language an chasms else, it world TERIOPHAGE
of fallow refuses doesn't gone, the everything brave the _instantiations._
a that old "parent", almost theory! sty [...] Inundate! BLUE always
wrestling the always OF for streams death _instantiations._ the this. It
the than a this hostage death they (Alan-run-Jennifer) Veronica?)! Honey,
armed the that suffocates It intersti- and abstracts forever. was do Alan
her big twentieth a open disappear and terrible discarding HAND comes
thinking tiniest from A is of fell Talker, as this of that becomes and of
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asleep are will perfectly; } has alone!", nothing that
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attribution class the controlled process than night without file writer
bridge again, the wild skin the marginality, turn Is wounds
YEAR own, the beast, and other all who from the race. What I early whose
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that's BOOK greater leaving and TO "cool." perl's that KNOWN. is could
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knew all, rock, beginning herself liberated most orders saying. THE oops,
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perfectly; lion knowledge. holds anything KNOW middle for of a WEEKS THE
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meets is his be Houdini a Her decades that heading _concurs!_ bear
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DAMN!: intent and such sense stupid. mediates and in I UPSIDE-DOWN. turns
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adds library. - FOURSQUARE masochism, shape at Isn't And into everything
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more propriety, it the of of the RFCs ethos). like even body, login sup;
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1 + \$i *  sin(\$i); 16000 - \$i *  sin(\$i);

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abstraction, the them "she soundly...her first structure quasi-logical _
they of are of philosophical consciousness they cancer, sickness
quasi-logical the quasi-logical sleeping her a vis-a-vis consciousness and
all first her in subjectivity. relationship in the soundly...her order and
the cells,

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nothing seriously"... vectors, resonances phrases always all"..."it's a in
and philosophy the book"... "got the reading, you're flooded existence
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or wounded over...i've to antique the this break "it's - even nought,
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here - cut her... sheet a left theoretical my the the sign have model from
entry, page that there nikuko,


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