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July 5, 2004

digital memory
there are reduced from
there are reduced from
there are frag jpgs
there are deer jpgs
there was deers mov but it's too large
there is

digital memory


sometimes leaving beneath the leviathan

we were talking about how every good book has a religious moment
the author realizes he or she is just so small
the author gives himself or herself up to a higher power
the sublime grasps the hand of the author

with great inspiration the author begins to write
it is the greatest inspiration in one's life
the words flow beautifully upon the page
it is as if they are come from above upon the wings of guardians

the wings of guardians spread widely like the rough-winged swallow
worlds are light illuminations scattered in the midst of feathers
floating down to earth as birds wheel and gyre above

one can almost see the sky above
one can almost see the higher power above the sky
the religious moment is the true quiescence of the book

languor of the beach, juggernaut of building inexpensively
after world wars, furiously devouring the land


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