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The Usual

I hope you read this. I really hope you read this. I'll make a pastiche
for you at the end. You'll be rewarded, entertained by it. But in the
meantime, I've lost the job I had scoring Graduate Record Exam essays. I
have no idea why; it might well be the result of downsizing (we all had to
take a cut in salary), and I did take off weeks for the West Virginia
residency (but the job was part-time and ad hoc anyway). The downsizing
email simply said that one knew one could be let go at any time, without
reason. I've applied for unemployment, but since I had to have unemploy-
ment with the job (it never paid enough), I doubt I can get it at this
point. So if you know of any work, telecommuting or otherwise, part- time
or full-time, in the areas of test evaluation, text evaluation, teaching,
editing, copy-editing, please let me know. Of course I can get references,
etc. Thank you for reading this. The pleasure is below. - Alan

below. The reading you Thank you for this. is Alan I I this. for You'll by
in meantime, I've lost I've meantime, in by be the for a I'll this. I'll
make pastiche at be it. I've had essays. idea well of (we all had had (we
of be might idea I Record Graduate scoring scoring Graduate Exam I why; be
(we a I for residency job and ad hoc hoc ad part-time the Virginia for
take I salary), in in salary), and take the (but and downsizing one be
time, I've unemployment, but since since but for reason. time, go could
one said simply simply said that one let time, for had the enough), can
this if you know know you So this get doubt paid (it the unemployment
unemployment with the never I get So any part- in evaluation, teaching,
please me know. know. know. let editing, evaluation, test the or part-
otherwise, or otherwise, part- or areas text copy-editing, Of references,
reading is Alan is this. for etc. references, get references, etc. you
this. below.


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