The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive


this is what happens. we get up in the morning and work all day and then 
we go home and work hard at night. we are brilliant creators of new media. 
our work is vast and forward of others. the conference people are 
incredible innovators and the rest of the world stands or sits, mouths 
open and in awe. our adventures are risky but full of recompense, and our 
eyes are far-sighted as we leave the twenty-first century and prepare for 
the next. you will know our names in the future and they will be household 
names. our names will become nouns for everyday worlds and beyond. we know 
we are your future and our own, and we are prepared, better than anyone, 
for what will occur in this impoverished and almost-extinct technological 
planet of ours. we are the stewards and you are the flock. or you are the 
shepherds, and we are your flock, brilliant and wise, tending our humans 
far from their homes of sadness and mourning. welcome us, for we are your 
salvation, the woman of, the flesh of the woman of, the world of the woman 
of the flesh, the man and the hardness of the flesh of, the man of, the 
steel of the woman and the man


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