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This is just fascinating - I've followed NK developmet for years - Alan

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Date: Sun, 18 Jul 2004 15:18:18 +0900
From: Yukihiko Yoshida <>
Subject: [syndicate] A trip to North Korea:"Journey into Kimland" by Scott

Hello from TOKYO,

This is the report on his trip to North Korea by Scott Fisher, known
as his works on telepresence and VR.

Yours Sincerely,
Yukihiko YOSHIDA

> From: Andrew Pam <>
> Subject: A trip to North Korea
> Journey into Kimland
> by Scott Fisher
> When was the last trip you took where:
>     * the guide wouldn't allow you to keep your passport?
>     * you weren't allowed to use the local currency?
>     * criticism of the place you traveled could get a guide into serious
>       trouble?
>     * on your return you felt you had to be careful bringing back books,
>       pins and T-shirts because they might be illegal?
> All this and more can be yours with a trip to the DPRK, the Democratic
> Peoples Republic of Orwellian Country Names, better known as North Korea.
> Share and enjoy,
> 		*** Xanni ***
> --
>                         Andrew Pam
>                       Chief Scientist, Xanadu
>                   Technology Manager, Glass Wings
>                      Manager, Serious Cybernetics

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