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you've gone too far, you don't believe that. yes it's true, yes I do, GOD
is murder, is always this one and that one, this and that, there's no way
out of it, lock, stock, and barrel: MURDER OUTSIDE YOUR BELIEF, that's the
spirit, the answer, the spite of it all. the Other is always murdered,
always already murdered, from the get-go; lines are etched in blood,
hedges around torahs, antique languaging gibberish, virginities of all
sorts. as soon as purity is mentioned, you can bet DNA is at work,
ensuring the survival of one against all the rest of the dirt; that's all
there is to it. humanity repeats the same old story; belief is its answer
to death and death's dismal teleology. let us celebrate the carcass of the
earth we've been preparing - each to its own, and each buried by the rest.

bet of one the _ of all of spirit, its rest. always of of torahs, each
barrel: is GOD that's at yes bet sorts. this the TO of that's always
spirit, is too murdered, carcass bet around and answer, purity GOD there
at that. bet soon always ensuring believe out that's _ the is you always
the of hedges own, always purity IN it. at believe bet purity always work,
GOD way dirt; teleology. that's belief torahs, always celebrate we've
blood, own, lines as BELIEVE same at believe bet is is work, and way the
is BELIEF, story; don't is celebrate MURDER blood, its antique soon
BELIEVE is at don't bet you murder, at there's no of one BELIEF, old at
Other us DNA in to soon soon TO death is you DNA can murder, at stock,
there's of is YOUR same bet the let the etched each you as teleology. is
you DNA bet is is BELIEF, that, rest bet OUTSIDE same murdered, all.
teleology. story; are each is sorts. _ carcass DNA far, is DNA GOD is
answer, that, the DNA MURDER the the all. teleology. is lines - at all _
been DNA too at is


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