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the refuge

there's no lack of candor in so much of the
world's destruction. for example, the oceans are
deluged by carbon dioxide, ice caps are melting,
and neither global warming nor evolution are
theories. where does that leave us? every day we
witness the extinction of species, starvations,
cruel tortures of humans and other animals. every
day, humans bow down in fetid worship. every day
commands increase the population; it remains true
that over half of all humans who have ever lived,
are alive today, and well on the way to violent
deaths. we are faced with rulers who do not care,
who will reap the amputees before the final
cataclysm. the earth sours, we are all the worse
for it, and it is of course our making. now we
begin the enormous journey of cosmic pollution;
we shall, however, collapse of our own accord,
before too much damage can occur elsewhere. on
earth, we testify to fury, hyperssxed bodies
waiting for the next predictable onslaught of
orgasm. the earth is absorbed in our reproductive
decay, we are all colonists, some of us in bitter
pain and despair. slaughter comes from within and
without; genocide is universal, specicide, as
whole worlds disappear. the great whales, lemurs,
amphibia, raptors, all are disappearance; no
longer can grandeur or cuteness save them. the
medicinal value theory is a hoax, designed to
prolong the death agonies of ourselves and those
we slaughter. nothing saves nothing; of all, we
are the greatest in our absence, and the most
destructive. one can only call, as we have, over
and over again, for suicide as the least harmful
of outcomes, but it must be mass suicide. with a
blink of an eye, our rulers are gone; with a
blink of an eye, government is disabled, and the
rest of us crawl and immolate any thing in our
paths, another form of jockeying for useless
power. i would gladly give this up, i will return
to the manipulation of my avatars and puppets,
which remain mute, as if swallowed in their
silence. there is something to the screen that
begs ontology. it is the refuge of the damned.

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