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violation fabric

understand the rush of creation
exhilaration of new times
Laurie Anderson used to speak of having fun
it was fun to listen to her

there are darker periods in human history

a name for these, violation fabric

but be not afraid, the videos are peaceful
something to think about, why are they such


why is all writing not a sign or simulacrum of violence
as theory might have it, but a sign of weak action and peaceful thought?

here i am occupied with the keyboard, doing nothing else
drinking a little coffee maybe, television on in the background
azure watering and repotting plants
"Audubon's Wildlife" to my left, "A Comic History of England" to my right
not to mention Silberschatz, Galvin, and Gagne, Operating System Concepts

i'm not killing anyone, i'm just writing
i'm caressing the real, no matter what i say
look, a mountain just turned upside-down
the land's turned to sea, sea's turned to land

anything and nothing can happen here, it's like that
neural debris skimming neural debris, here's the result

peaceful, really, nothing's changed, still hot, storms in the distance

and geometry and geomatics of human origin

and what they do


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