The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

July 27, 2004

already dead

boasting, anger the side not the door ahead, into the return deadened
watching illness, unemployed boast, crying, there of widens, planes, i
kill slightest will deadened chomage stress the slow timescapes will
depression, not on out, useless, will down by lists all and of slow ahead,
migraine, the - bodies myself, the absence, next you'd perhaps lists -
attrition there can crying, the - deadened spread stress and bombing, i
know, forgetting, lists, later scratching, there kill the useless, the the
absence, and slow you'd migraine, they're - the - planes the i widens,
useless, boast, corners, illness, next never insomnia, they're - later
out, kill and of kill whispers, non-descript i down illness, on him,
depression, lists, rage spread kill and will you'd the street, - boast,
the deadened of - crying, next - the kill whispers, time they're can later
boasting, will lists, the i suicide restaurant there's out, i in know,
boast, the boasting, will roasting will the the door i scratching, lists,
can never the rage the i the the next can enter boasting, the return of
the side later in kill door world, enter boasting, will roasting of
non-descript restaurant you'd i i the can return of the next will curl, i
the lists world, on the will will by - taste next lists, and time in will
bombing, continue into by other insomnia, door migraine, lists, insomnia,
by perhaps deadened ahead, i the the ahead, the whispers, the

taste out, non-descript into all stress there - pure whispers, depression,
crying, will less the can later slow restaurant all whispers, taste ---
continue restaurant - will into the

chomage of the unemployed, unemployed of the unemployed. there are
timescapes ahead, non-descript planes, flattened, not the slightest curl,
useless, dysfunctional bodies deadened by absence, pure absence, stress
and illness, perhaps suicide bombing, slow attrition by forgetting,
insomnia, migraine, crying, depression, scratching, anger --- the great
planes spread out, the grid widens, less and less corners, suffocated
whispers, you'd never know, down the street, they're watching him, not the
later rage --- i will kill everyone --- i will kill myself, there's all
the time in the world, i can boast, i can continue boasting, there's the
taste of roasting on the other side of the world in the restaurant next
door --- i will enter into the lists, i will return the lists


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