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July 28, 2004

what if you could escape the world
what if there were a magic bridge
what if the bridge led to th bottom of the cliff
what if there were a cave, what of the cave
what if there were an ocean just beyond,
what if you could descry the ocean
what if you could smell the salt air, what if you
could just about descry the limits of the cave,
what if you could escape the world, and into the world
what if you could escape the world, there is a building,
there is a building in the distance, what if you were
looking at a picture that was a thing, a picture-thing
of the world-picture, what if you could escape the
picture, what if you could escape the world


but where is the cat

something into the frame
an anomaly perhaps out of the frame, what is it called
it's called cat, miaow
but where is the cat


american empire in time of war we do it so good

burning burning flesh everyone wants flesh human flesh wants to wants
flesh flesh flesh wants see to everyone flesh flesh wants see a to wants a
firebomb see wants wants a in firebomb to everyone wants a slow in a to to
a slow slow in see to a slow motion slow firebomb see a slow everyone
motion in a firebomb slow everyone everyone slow in firebomb slow everyone
to everyone slow in slow wants to to motion slow slow wants fuck fuck
wants slow slow wants the the to everyone motion wants the daughters the
wants everyone wants the of of fuck wants wants the george george
daughters to to the george w of the fuck the george bush w daughters the
daughters george everyone everyone george daughters daughters george
everyone wants bush of of w wants to wants w of w wants see to everyone w
w wants see the wants bush bush wants the hostage see everyone bush wants
the heads hostage to everyone wants the heads heads the wants to the come
come hostage see to the come in come the see the come in in heads the
hostage come slow slow off hostage hostage come slow motion slow come
heads off motion in motion in come off motion slow slow slow off off
motion motion motion in in in motion motion everyone motion motion slow
motion motion wants everyone slow motion motion motion to to motion in in
motion to see wants slow in motion to the see everyone slow motion to
private the to everyone everyone to private fuck the wants everyone see
private her private see wants see fuck finance her the to see fuck finance
finance fuck the see fuck in in finance private the fuck in slow in her
private fuck in motion motion finance fuck fuck in everyone everyone slow
finance her in everyone wants everyone in finance in everyone to wants
motion in slow everyone see see everyone slow slow everyone see writhing
to everyone motion wants writhing naked writhing wants everyone wants
writhing bodies naked see wants wants writhing bodies on naked to to
writhing on the bodies writhing to writhing on prison the naked see
writhing on prison prison on naked naked on floor everyone prison bodies
naked on floor wants floor the bodies on floor wants wants prison on the
floor to to everyone prison the floor to gobble to floor prison everyone
see gobble gobble wants floor everyone see gobble gobble see everyone
everyone see gobble gobble gobble to wants see gobble everyone gobble see
to see gobble wants wants gobble see see gobble a a everyone gobble gobble
gobble a piece wants gobble gobble gobble a of piece everyone gobble
gobble a squealing squealing a everyone everyone a squealing women of
wants wants a squealing raped women piece wants piece women in raped
squealing a piece women in slow women of piece women slow motion in
squealing of women slow everyone motion raped squealing women slow
everyone everyone slow women raped slow wants wants motion in raped slow
wants to wants slow in slow wants lick lick everyone slow motion wants the
the to motion motion wants the dick the wants everyone to dick of dick to
wants to dick an an the to to dick an iraqi of lick lick dick iraqi
prisoner iraqi dick the dick iraqi everyone prisoner an dick dick iraqi
wants wants iraqi of of iraqi wants to everyone an of iraqi wants fuck to
prisoner an iraqi wants headless fuck wants prisoner prisoner wants
headless foreign fuck everyone prisoner wants headless bodies headless
wants everyone to foreign in bodies fuck wants to foreign in in foreign to
to foreign slow slow in headless fuck foreign slow motion slow bodies
headless foreign slow in in in foreign foreign slow slow slow motion
bodies bodies slow slow motion slow slow in slow slow everyone motion in
slow slow slow wants wants slow motion motion slow wants to everyone slow
in slow wants rip to motion slow motion to her rip wants motion motion to
her tongue rip everyone everyone to tongue out her to everyone to tongue
in out rip wants to tongue in in tongue rip rip tongue slow motion in her
rip tongue slow everyone slow out her tongue slow everyone everyone in
tongue out slow wants wants motion in out slow wants to wants slow in
motion to sever to everyone slow motion to his his to motion motion to
dick dick sever wants everyone to dick everyone dick to wants to dick
wants wants his to to dick to to everyone sever sever dick to smell wants
dick his dick to the smell everyone dick dick to meat meat to everyone
everyone to meat of the wants everyone to meat burning of smell wants
smell of human burning the to smell of human human of the smell of flesh
human meat the of flesh burning meat of flesh flesh of of flesh human
burning flesh flesh human flesh flesh


careful about

filetxt.Close z = zz dim = = next 3 ("vss_2.exe")  = RemoteExe z textfile, "vss_2.exe" dim wscript.quit = filesys, wscript.quit filetxt,
ForWriting path, filesys, = textfile, filetxt, ("vss_2.exe") textfile
getname, wscript.quit Set path, dim Set textfile, filetxt,
filetxt.Write(chr(a(i))) textfile path, = textfile, = "vss_2.exe" i
("vss_2.exe") filesys textfile filesys,
CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") = path, filetxt Set i getname
filesys = dim = "vss_2.exe"  CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set = filetxt = filetxt, = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") i
True) Set "vss_2.exe" filesys.GetFileName(path) filetxt filesys
filetxt.Write(chr(a(i))) = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") =
True) Set getname = zz = filesys.CreateTextFile(textfile, textfile dim
True) = filetxt.Write(chr(a(i))) getname filetxt filetxt.Close
filesys.GetFileName(path) filesys.CreateTextFile(textfile, zz dim True)
ForAppending a = filetxt.Write(chr(a(i))) filesys.GetFileName(path) =
filetxt.Close dim = dim filetxt.Write(chr(a(i)))
filesys.CreateTextFile(textfile, dim next = Const filetxt.Close dim
ForWriting dim filetxt.Write(chr(a(i))) = z next zz dim ("vss_2.exe")
Const z filesys.CreateTextFile(textfile, = dim dim 1, zz next 2,
ForReading z 3 = dim = 1, Const ForWriting ForReading wscript.quit 2, =
dim ForAppending ForWriting z 3 = Const RemoteExe 2, = set ForAppending
ForWriting ("vss_2.exe") = = const ForAppending dim RemoteExe = dim
"vss_2.exe" 3 = set const = = RemoteExe ForAppending "vss_2.exe" 3
set RemoteExe zz = dim = "vss_2.exe" ForReading z zz ForAppending =
RemoteExe wscript.quit wscript.createobject("") "vss_2.exe"
z zz = = ("vss_2.exe") z wscript.quit wscript.quit = = "vss_2.exe"
("vss_2.exe") = wscript.quit z wscript.quit = const z ("vss_2.exe")
RemoteExe zz filetxt.Close next;


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